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Pere and Adekunle clash over Head of House games on ‘BBNaija All Stars’



Alliances were formed in order to win the round of six during the HOH game and Adekunle and Pere were on opposite sides of the alliances. But all hell let loose when the housemates returned to the house from the arena, with Neo fuming seriously about the way Adekunle had played the game.


Apparently, his grievance was due to Adekunle’s move of blocking him from placing sand in his box but things with them had never been quite right and all of these seemed to have fuelled things even more.


Pere took things up and insisted that Adekunle had shoved him during the course of the game then went on to threaten him that he was marked and would deal with him outside the house

But this is not the only drama that ensued during the course of the HOH games. Here are others that stood out:


Cee-C and Cross get locked out

Biggie announced the commencement of the games with Cee-C, Cross and Soma going in as the first group, which was a suprise to them. Cee-C and Cross didn’t enter the arena on time before the doors were shut and Soma went on to get an automatic qualification.


Cee-C and Cross had an outburst with Cross being mad at Alex and Ike who he suspects to have changed the list which made them first. Cee-C, on the other hand, was convinced Big Brother wasn’t being fair towards her and a lot of other things which has now caused her an extension on the punishment she initially has due to the fight with Ilebaye.


Pere and Soma

Soma played a dicey game trying to win on both sides during the alliance formations for the games which warranted Pere’s distrust towards him. Pere during a conversation with Tolanibaj and Cross shared his distrust towards Soma based on his ship with Angel, saying that he has his head being sat on by her.


It was indeed a chaotic day in the Big Brother Naija All Stars house and housemates seem to be giving their all in order to win.

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