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PRP cautions Tinubu, ECOWAS against military action in Niger



The Peoples’ Redemption Party (PRP) has urged President Bola Tinubu and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) not to go to war with Niger Republic over recent coup in the country.


The National Chairman of the party, Alhaji Falalu Bello, made the party’s position known in a statement in Abuja.


The statement said the party viewed war option as “not in the interests of Nigeria, Niger and ECOWAS.”


“War would destabilise the entire Sahelian region and could lead to the spread of violence and instability to other countries in the West African subregion.


“There exists an excellent neighbourliness and good relationship between the two countries that are closely linked economically, culturally and geographically.


“It will be tragic if these relationships for centuries are spoilt. Niger Republic depends on Nigeria for trade and investment, and Nigeria depends on Niger for some products.


“A war would disrupt this economic interdependence and harm both countries.”


The statement said the recent skirmishes between Nigeria and the Niger Republic were avoidable and should be resolved through dialogue and diplomacy.


“The PRP strongly urges President Tinubu, as the present ECOWAS Chairman, to painstakingly pursue dialogue and diplomacy in resolving the imbroglio in the Republic of Niger and to exercise restraint and avoid taking any action that could lead to war.


“We urge President Tinubu to focus on addressing the challenges facing Nigerians, including insecurity, extreme poverty and unemployment among others.


“The PRP remains confident that Nigeria and the ECOWAS will resolve the issue at stake with the Niger Republic peacefully through dialogue without bloodshed,” the statement added.

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