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He needs to be flogged – Simi drags ‘BBNaija All Stars’



Nigerian singer Simi has reacted to the viral clip of Big Brother Naija All Stars’ Seyi saying his sons would ‘run trains’ on someone’s daughter.


She angrily took to her Twitter account, asserting that the housemate needed to be beaten for his worrisome and dangerous statements. Highlighting his hypocrisy, she noted that Seyi has nothing in his head.



Her tweet read, “They need to actually hold this agbaya down and flog him until he forgets his last name. Also, “Not my daughter in Jesus’ name” is crazy. Imagine your skull wasting because nothing is inside.”


Simi tweeted that in response to the viral video clip of the controversial housemate. In the clip, Seyi was seen sharing his problematic take with his fellow male housemates; Whitemoney and Soma.


He said to them, “I gave birth to a boy first and he will f**k your daughter. They go come meet me say, Daddy, I need the Benz. I’ll give them the Benz, I’ll give them the key to the guesthouse, they go go run train on people daughter. I’m giving birth to boys and they go dey f**k people daughter.”


The phrase ‘run trains’ as used in this worrisome context refers to when multiple men have sex with a woman one after the other, with or without consent.


After the clip made rounds on social media, outrage ensued as social media users condemned Seyi for his misogynistic statements, hinting at his overall lack of respect for women. Even the Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency (DSVA), strongly condemned his comment.


Seyi Awolowo’s team has since put out a press release noting that the clips were taken out of context and do not reflect his character.

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