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‘Equalizer 3’ kicks ‘Kesari’ to third place at Nigerian box office



With its recent release over the weekend, Equalizer 3 became number one in the recent Nigerian box office chart by the Cinema Exhibitors Association of Nigeria (CEAN). The American vigilante action film which stars Denzel Washington closed its first weekend with a total of ₦27,634,904.


kesari which is now in its second week at the Nigerian box office started off at number one in its first weekend with a total of ₦21 million. The Ibrahim Yekini movie became the highest-grossing Nollywood film for the weekend, between August 25 to 27 2023.


But the top spot for the Yoruba epic was short-lived when Blue Bettle bounced back to the number one spot with over ₦45 million in its second week at the box office. It rounded up its third week at the cinemas at the second position with ₦13 million and a total cumulative of ₦90million.


Now Kesari is number three on the chat with ₦11 million after its second week at the Nigerian box office and a total of ₦41 million. Yekini’s recent compelling performance in Jagun Jagun sparked a lot of interest in the audience who had expressed their eagerness to see more of his projects. Kesari tells the story of a man who was a god and then became a gangster who finds himself chased by the law.

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