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Kanye West and wife banned from Venice boat company for indecent exposure



Kanye West and his new wife Bianca Censori have been banned by the Venice water services for indecent exposure.


The rapper has always been in the news for one controversy or the other, but this time, he is trending for having his rear end exposed during a boat ride in Italy.


In the pictures taken by bystanders on August 28, 2023, his wife was snuggled between his legs while West was seated on a bench with his hand gripping the back of her head. Another angle showed the rapper’spants pulled down from behind, revealing his butt crack.


The boat company Venezia Turismo Motoscafi was unaware of what had transpired on their property until the news and pictures made rounds on social media, after which it was announced that they were banned.


According to TMZ, the spokesman for the company stressed that the boat driver didn’t see “these obscenities” because he was too busy driving the boat, adding that if he had, he would have immediately reported the rapper and Bianca to the authorities.


The butt-crack incident was not the first time the couple made waves in Italy during their vacation. From walking barefoot in the streets of Venice to Bianca’s see-through outfits to crashing a random person’s wedding, the rapper has kept his name in the tabloids.


Now according to People Magazine, their insiders have claimed the couple’s attention-grabbing stunts are potentially part of a publicity stunt to promote West’s new album.

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