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Asake says he would love to collaborate with Kanye West



Asake is among the artists showcasing Afrobeats’ different exciting elements through his brilliant fusion of Fuji, Hip Hop, and Afrobeats for a spectacular sound that has won high, international acclai


Asake who recently sold out the 20,000-capacity O2 Arena in a landmark Concert revealed in an interview with Billboard that the artist he thinks he would love to collaborate with is 24-time Grammy winner Kanye Wes


“I have been saying this thing and I don’t know. Let’s see maybe God will do it. It’s Kanye,” Asake says about his desire to one day collaborate with Kanye Wes


In the interview, Asake also recanted the funny story of his trousers getting ripped midway into a performance in the US when he attempted to the drop kick part of Nigeria’s famous leg work dance routin



Asake also talked about how he put in the effort to outdo himself on his sophomore album ‘Work Of Art’ which he released on June 15. 202


When asked about the fast rise of Afrobeats, Asake stated that the industry growth is a reflection of the decades of hard work put in by Nigerian artists while echoing the pride that comes with global succes

s.3.19e.t.t.m.lobal success.

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