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Save lives first before police reports – FG orders hospitals nationwide



Save lives first before police reports - FG orders hospitals nationwide

The Nigerian Federal Government has issued a resolute directive to hospitals across the nation.


The Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Muhammad Ali Pate, speaking on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily, addressed the longstanding issue of patients being denied immediate treatment due to the demand for police reports in cases of accidents and gunshot wounds.


For years, numerous individuals have lost their lives while hospitals awaited official paperwork, causing public outcry and distress. The most recent was a ‘one chance victim’ in Abuja.


Minister Pate underscored the government’s firm stance on this matter, stating that all hospitals, including private ones, must prioritise saving lives above any other considerations.


“Life first and we have reemphasised that. No person should come with an emergency, or life-threatening challenge and be made to lose their life while awaiting police report,” declared Minister Pate during the interview. He further mentioned his recent visit to a federal teaching hospital in Maiduguri, where the directive was being implemented rigorously.


In addition to addressing the immediate concern, Minister Pate also discussed the government’s ambitious plan to enhance healthcare accessibility through the recently launched National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA). He reiterated the importance of providing affordable quality healthcare to every Nigerian, marking a crucial step toward achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in the country.

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