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EFCC issues stern warning against unauthorized use of identity in skit production



EFCC issues stern warning against unauthorized use of identity in skit production

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has issued a stern caution to skit makers in Nigeria, urging them to refrain from the unauthorized use of its operational identities. This advisory follows the release of a recent skit titled “EFCC and Army Wahala,” which the anti-graft agency has deemed as misrepresenting its activities.


Expressing dissatisfaction through an official statement, the EFCC emphasized that the skit portrayed a caricature of its operational procedures, particularly depicting supposed operatives engaging in aggressive behavior towards suspects. The agency deems such representation as not only embarrassing but also damaging to its image.


In the statement, the EFCC reiterated its warning to skit makers and other social workers, urging them to cease the illegal and irresponsible use of the commission’s operational identities. The commission clarified that its operatives are trained as modern law enforcement officers, emphasizing qualities such as decency, civility, and respect for the public, including suspects of economic and financial crimes.


“Skit makers are warned once again to desist from the unauthorized use of the identities of the EFCC for their creative endeavors. The Commission emphasizes that it will not hesitate to take legal action against anyone caught displaying its operational identities for any engagement.”

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