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Hamas official in Lebanon says ‘there are no safe areas’ in Gaza



Lebanon-based Hamas official, Osama Hamdan, told a press conference in Beirut on Sunday (December 3) that there are no safe areas in the Gaza Strip.


He claimed Israel had lied about there being safe areas in the south of the enclave as part of a plan to trap the Palestinians with the intention of killing civilians.


Hamdan also called on Belgium and Spain to “build on their bold and correct positions” and lead a European and international movement to visit Gaza to witness the plight of the people.


Belgian prime minister Alexander De Croo on Saturday (December 2) said he had spoken with Israel’s president following the resumption of fighting in Gaza and told him there could be no more killing of civilians.


Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez spoke with Israeli war cabinet member Benny Gantz on Friday (December 1) to try to defuse tension between the two countries after comments by Sanchez angered Israel for a second time in a week.

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