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Ceferin: ECJ ruling not endorsement of Super League



UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin said on Thursday that the European Court of Justice ruling that UEFA and FIFA contravened EU law by preventing the formation of a Super League is not an endorsement of the idea.


Speaking after the court’s ruling, Ceferin said there is a stark contrast between the press statement which was released and the actual judgment.


“The judgment is actually positive as it embraces the key features of the European football pyramid. Open competitions, sporting merit and solidarity, and you have in this press conference its governing body and all recognised stakeholders, all.


“So the ECJ accepts that UEFA maintains its role as authorising and organising body. Now so called European Super League’s central attack on our dual status was therefore clearly rejected.”


Ceferin went on to mock the backers of the Super League.


“I hope that they start their fantastic competition as soon as possible with two clubs. I hope they know what they’re doing which I’m not so sure about,” he said.


Major clubs and leagues across Europe also rejected the Super League in favour of the status quo following the verdict.


Manchester United were one of the first to say they remain committed to playing in competitions run by Europe’s soccer governing body UEFA, as did German giants Bayern Munich.


The European Club Association (ECA), which represents nearly 500 clubs across the continent, said the football world had “moved on from the Super League years ago”.


France’s Ligue de Football Professionnel (LFP) said it “unequivocally supports” competitions organised by UEFA.

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