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President Tinubu mourns the passing of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu



President Tinubu mourns the passing of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu

In an emotionally charged and poignant personal statement, President Bola Tinubu mourned the untimely passing of his “beloved brother, confidant, political soulmate,” Governor Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State. The President’s words paint a vivid picture of a leader, advocate, and compassionate soul who left an indelible mark on the landscape of Ondo State and the nation as a whole.


The difficulty of the task at hand is palpable in President Tinubu’s words as he navigates the intricate dance between grief and the responsibility to pay tribute to a man he describes as a “fighter and fearless defender of truth and the masses.” Rotimi Akeredolu’s legacy, both as a senior advocate and as a governor, is portrayed as one of unwavering commitment to equity, fairness, and justice.


The President’s remembrance of Governor Akeredolu’s advocacy for a reimagined security architecture in the face of national challenges highlights the fearless stance taken by the departed leader. Akeredolu’s contribution to the birth of local police in the South West is emphasized, marking a pivotal moment in addressing security concerns at the regional level.


The narrative weaves through Akeredolu’s tenure as the Governor of Ondo State, emphasizing the transformative impact of his leadership. His commitment to action and service is highlighted through the extensive infrastructure development, educational initiatives, and healthcare facilities he championed. The tragic events of June 5, 2022, when marauding attackers targeted a Catholic Church in Owo, serve as a testament to Akeredolu’s qualities as a compassionate leader and mourner-in-chief.


President Tinubu takes the reader on a journey through the shared history and battles fought alongside Governor Akeredolu. Their joint membership in the progressive family, legal battles to reclaim stolen mandates, and the eventual realization of Akeredolu’s governorship in 2016 underscore the deep connection and camaraderie between the two leaders.


The President’s expressions of grief extend beyond the personal, as he conveys solidarity with the people of Ondo State. He assures them that Governor Akeredolu’s legacy of service will be honored and remembered. The phone calls to Akeredolu’s wife, Betty, and Acting Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa reflect a personal touch amid the national tragedy.


The closing sentiments capture the profound impact of Governor Akeredolu’s departure on the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the broader progressive family. President Tinubu expresses hope that Aiyedatiwa, the successor, will uphold the vision of governance left by the towering political leader.


In this heartfelt tribute, President Tinubu paints a vivid portrait of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu, weaving together personal memories, shared battles, and the enduring legacy of a man whose departure leaves a void in the political landscape of Nigeria.

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