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Tinubu applauds Funke Akindele’s box office triumph



Tinubu applauds Funke Akindele's box office triumph

In a resounding tribute to the vibrancy and brilliance of Nigeria’s entertainment sector, President Bola Tinubu has lauded the nation’s artistic prowess and celebrated the remarkable achievements of Funke Akindele, an iconic figure in the country’s film industry. The President extended warm congratulations to Akindele for her extraordinary success at the box office and acknowledged her significant contributions to the continual advancement of the film sector.


President Tinubu’s recognition of Funke Akindele’s accomplishments echoes a broader appreciation for the entire creative industry. He highlighted the artistic excellence that permeates the nation, emphasizing the sector’s crucial role in not just artistic expression but also as a powerhouse of soft power and a valuable export for the nation.


In a statement released by Chief Ajuri Ngelale, the Special Adviser to the President on Media & Publicity, President Tinubu remarked on the significance of the creative industry as a major contributor to employment opportunities for Nigeria’s youth. The President affirmed his administration’s commitment to fostering an enabling environment for the creative sector to flourish even further.


“The creative industry is a cornerstone of our economy, providing gainful employment for our talented youth. Its role is indispensable to my administration, and I commend Nigerians for their unwavering support and patronage of locally produced creative content. We are dedicated to ensuring the industry continues to thrive under conducive conditions,” President Tinubu stated.


The President’s accolades come in the wake of Funke Akindele’s outstanding achievement in the realm of cinema. As the Nigerian film industry, widely known as Nollywood, continues to make significant strides globally, the success of individual creatives like Akindele contributes to enhancing the industry’s global standing.


Funke Akindele’s remarkable journey in the film industry has not only brought her personal acclaim but also serves as an inspiration to emerging talents within the sector. President Tinubu’s acknowledgment of her achievements reflects a broader commitment to fostering an environment where creativity, innovation, and talent can flourish.


As Nigeria’s creative sector continues to burgeon, with the film industry standing out as a beacon of cultural expression and economic potential, President Tinubu’s recognition resonates as a testament to the importance of nurturing and celebrating the nation’s wealth of talent. The President’s commitment to providing the necessary support and conducive atmosphere for the industry’s prosperity underscores a vision where the creative sector becomes a cornerstone of Nigeria’s socio-economic development.


In applauding Funke Akindele’s box office success, President Tinubu is not only commending an individual artist but embracing the entire creative community. His acknowledgment sends a powerful message of appreciation for the role of artists and creators in shaping the nation’s cultural narrative and contributing significantly to its global influence.


In conclusion, President Tinubu’s celebration of Nigeria’s creative brilliance and his heartfelt congratulations to Funke Akindele signify a recognition of the enduring impact of the nation’s artistic community. As the creative sector continues to evolve and captivate audiences both locally and internationally, the President’s unwavering support serves as a beacon for a future where Nigeria’s cultural richness takes center stage on the global platform.

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