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Police bust kidnappers’ lair in Imo forest, apprehends five suspects



Police bust kidnappers' lair in Imo forest, apprehends five suspects

Police bust kidnappers’ lair in Imo forest, apprehends five suspects


In a groundbreaking operation, the Imo State Police Command, under the Commissioner of Police Aboki Danjuma, has successfully dismantled a suspected kidnappers’ hideout nestled within the dense Avu-Ihiagwa Forest. Acting on credible intelligence, the police, in collaboration with local hunters and the Special Tactical Unit, conducted a daring raid on January 29, 2024, resulting in the apprehension of five key suspects and the discovery of two decomposing bodies.

The arrested suspects have been identified as Muazu Awuta (30), Abdullahi Abubakar (32), Ozeru Sabo (25), Saddam Suleiman (27), and Bashir Yahaya (28), all hailing from Jau Local Government Area of Jigawa State. The individuals are currently undergoing rigorous investigation, providing crucial information that promises to unveil other members of the criminal syndicate still at large.

During the extensive operation in the forest, authorities uncovered two decomposing, unidentified corpses, suspected to be victims of kidnapping. Additionally, a cache of items including telephones, wristwatches, shoes, and slippers, believed to belong to the victims, were recovered. To ascertain the identity of the deceased, the command intends to conduct DNA confirmatory tests.

As part of the evidence seized, five operational motorcycles belonging to the suspected kidnappers were also recovered, shedding light on the criminal infrastructure supporting their activities.

The Imo State Police Command, undeterred by this success, continues its relentless efforts in an ongoing and intensified operation within the forest and other identified black spots. The primary objective is to eradicate all forms of criminality and ensure the safety and security of residents across the state.

This latest accomplishment highlights the commitment of the Imo State Police Command to tackle kidnapping and related crimes head-on. The collaboration between law enforcement and local communities, represented by the joint operation with local hunters, showcases a united front against criminal elements.

The Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Okoye Henry, emphasised the significance of this operation in ensuring the safety of citizens. He stated, “The suspects are currently undergoing investigation and have provided useful information to the Police that will lead to the arrest of other syndicates at large.” The disclosure hints at potential breakthroughs in dismantling broader criminal networks operating in the region.

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