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UK pledges agricultural partnership with Enugu State govt



UK pledges agricultural partnership with Enugu State govt

UK pledges agricultural partnership with Enugu State govt

In a bid to bolster food production and agricultural development, the United Kingdom’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) has committed to collaborating with the Enugu State government. The partnership aims to enhance the state’s agro-allied sector through the provision of technical assistance and support.

Dr. Adiya Ode, Team Leader of the FCDO, affirmed this commitment during a courtesy visit to Governor Peter Mbah at the Government House in Enugu. The FCDO’s initiative, facilitated through its Propcom+ project, focuses on climate resilience and sustainable agricultural practices, with a particular emphasis on transforming agriculture and forestry.

Ode highlighted the significance of the programme, which spans nine months from 2023 to January 2024, benefiting nine states across Nigeria. She emphasized the programme’s objectives of enhancing agricultural productivity and mitigating conflicts over natural resources.

NAN reports that Enugu State’s interest in the programme stemmed from its recognition of the impactful interventions implemented in other states, such as Edo. Ode outlined the areas where technical assistance would be provided, including improved forestry and land resources management, as well as the rehabilitation of resources for enhanced agricultural production, encompassing crops like oil palm and cashew.

“Enugu State is one of the states blessed with forest resources that can be utilized for farming and non-timber forestry. Propcom+ will support Enugu in optimizing its land and forestry resources and provide technical assistance to ensure that commodities benefit smallholder farmers,” she stated.

Governor Mbah, represented by Prof. Chidiebere Onyia, the Secretary to the State Government, hailed the visit as a significant opportunity for Enugu State to revitalize its agricultural sector. He affirmed the state government’s unwavering commitment to the project and expressed gratitude for the partnership with the FCDO.

“We are eager to maximize this opportunity and ensure that our collaboration yields mutual benefits. Our administration prioritizes the outcomes of such interventions, and we anticipate a more robust partnership and larger-scale interventions in the future,” Mbah emphasized.

The collaboration between the UK’s FCDO and the Enugu State government signifies a strategic alignment toward fostering sustainable agricultural practices and enhancing food security. With a focus on technical assistance and capacity-building initiatives, the partnership holds promise for driving economic growth and transforming the agricultural landscape in the state.

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