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EFCC arrests former Aviation Minister Sirika over ₦8bn Nigerian air contract scandal



EFCC arrests former Aviation Minister Sirika over ₦8bn Nigerian air contract scandal

EFCC arrests former Aviation Minister Sirika over ₦8bn Nigerian air contract scandal


In a significant development, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has apprehended former Minister of Aviation, Hadi Sirika, in connection with an ongoing investigation into alleged money laundering amounting to ₦8,069,176,864.00. The arrest follows Sirika’s voluntary appearance at the EFCC’s Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Command premises on Tuesday, April 23, around 1:00 p.m.

At present, Sirika is under intense interrogation by EFCC investigators regarding purportedly fraudulent contracts awarded to Engirios Nigeria Limited, a company owned by his brother, Abubakar Sirika.

Sources within the EFCC, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed the arrest, shedding light on the allegations against Sirika. According to one source, “Yes, that was Hadi Sirika who was taken into our FCT custody. He is currently meeting with EFCC investigators over the alleged N8,069,176,864.00 aviation ministry contract fraud.”

Another source revealed, “The N8,069,176,864.00 aviation ministry contract fraud was carried out in connivance with his younger brother, Abubakar Sirika, through the latter’s company.”

Background investigations reveal that the EFCC initiated an inquiry into Sirika’s activities during his tenure as the aviation minister, with a particular focus on contracts awarded to his brother’s company.

In February, Pulse reported that the EFCC had commenced investigations against the former aviation minister, casting a spotlight on alleged fraudulent practices linked to his administration.

Furthermore, reports suggest that contracts worth billions were allegedly awarded to Abubakar Sirika’s company, Engirios Nigeria Limited, during Hadi Sirika’s tenure as aviation minister.

According to findings, approximately ₦3,212,258,930.18 has been traced to Engirios Nigeria Limited, a revelation that raised eyebrows regarding the integrity of contract awards under Sirika’s leadership.

Investigations by the EFCC unveiled that Abubakar Sirika, a level-16 officer and deputy director in the Federal Ministry of Water Resources, served as the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Engirios Nigeria Limited. Furthermore, he was identified as the sole signatory to the company’s bank accounts with two financial institutions.

The four contracts allegedly awarded to Engirios Nigeria Limited under Sirika’s watch include:
– Fire Truck Maintenance and Refurbishment Centre in Katsina Airport (₦3,811,497,685.00)
– Procurement and installation of elevators, air conditioners, and power generator house in Aviation House, Abuja (₦615,195,275.00)
– Procurement of Magnus Aircraft and simulator for Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, Zaria (₦2,296,897,404.00)
– Construction of the Terminal Building in Katsina Airport (₦1,345,586,500.00)

As the EFCC’s investigation progresses, Sirika’s arrest underscores the agency’s commitment to unraveling financial improprieties and ensuring accountability within government agencies. The developments surrounding the former aviation minister’s arrest continue to unfold, sparking widespread interest and scrutiny within Nigeria’s political landscape.

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