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China surpasses USA as dominant global power in Africa



China surpasses USA as dominant global power in Africa

China surpasses USA as dominant global power in Africa


In a significant geopolitical shift, China has overtaken the United States as the most influential global power in Africa, according to the latest edition of the Rating World Leaders report released by Gallup. The report highlights China’s rising approval ratings in the region, marking a decisive moment in the continent’s political landscape.

China’s approval ratings surged by six percentage points from 52% in 2022 to 58% in 2023, surpassing the U.S. by two points. Conversely, the U.S. experienced a decline in its approval ratings, dropping from 59% to 56% during the same period, relegating it to the second position.

The report underscores China’s growing soft power and expanding influence across Africa, with its highest leadership approval rating recorded in a decade. Notably, China’s approval ratings received a considerable boost from West African nations such as Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, and Senegal, where double-digit increases were observed.

At the heart of China’s ascendancy lies its robust economic engagement with Africa. As the continent’s largest trading partner, China’s bilateral trade with Africa reached an unprecedented $282.1 billion in 2023. The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a flagship project that invests heavily in infrastructure development, has significantly bolstered China’s presence and influence in African economies and governments.

Despite China’s remarkable gains, the U.S. managed to garner increased approval ratings in several African countries, including Ghana, Mauritania, Tunisia, Mozambique, Senegal, and Ethiopia. However, the overall median approval of the U.S. across the continent dipped by three points, primarily due to sharp declines in approval ratings witnessed in Uganda, Gambia, and Kenya.

Germany also experienced a marginal improvement in its leadership image, with approval ratings inching up from 51% to 54%, placing it on par with the U.S. Russia, on the other hand, maintained its position as the least popular global power in Africa, although its median approval rating saw a modest increase to 42%.

The report highlights the dynamic geopolitical landscape in Africa, where China’s ascendancy and the shifting fortunes of other global powers are reshaping diplomatic relations and economic partnerships. As Africa continues to emerge as a pivotal player on the world stage, the competition for influence among global powers is expected to intensify, with far-reaching implications for the continent’s development trajectory.

In conclusion, China’s ascendancy as the most influential global power in Africa underscores the evolving geopolitical dynamics shaping the region’s future. With its burgeoning economic ties and strategic investments, China is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping Africa’s political and economic landscape in the years to come.

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