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Ayra Starr reflects on meeting Rihanna: ‘I low-key feel I make the kind of music she will like’



Ayra Starr reflects on meeting Rihanna: 'I low-key feel I make the kind of music she will like'

Ayra Starr reflects on meeting Rihanna: ‘I low-key feel I make the kind of music she will like’

Afrobeats sensation Ayra Starr recently shared her thrilling experience of meeting global superstar Rihanna, describing the encounter as surreal and affirming. In an exclusive interview with Beat FM, the 21-year-old Nigerian singer recounted her meeting with Rihanna at the Authentic Woman Event in London in May 2024, a moment she had only dreamt about.

“The funny thing is, before I met Rihanna, I was literally just having a conversation with a friend four days prior,” Ayra Starr revealed. “I asked, ‘Do you think Rihanna knows me? Do you think she listens to my music?’ I low-key feel like I make the kind of music Rihanna will like. So when I finally met her, she said, ‘I’m so happy to see you.’ I was like, ‘Me? Okay.’ I got to hang out with her, talk, and vibe. It was amazing.”

A Dream Come True

Starr’s journey to this moment has been marked by ambition and a relentless pursuit of her dreams. During the interview, she reflected on her rise to fame and how she always envisioned herself as a superstar.

Host Tami B asked, “Now you’re at this big age, when you look back, did you think you would be doing all the things you’re doing now at 21?”

“Yes, definitely, I did,” Starr responded with confidence. “I envisioned it and I feel like I brought it to life because it was my dream and I always imagined myself like this.”

Early Aspirations

Starr’s aspirations date back to her teenage years, where she often turned to the internet to learn how to emulate her idols. “I used to google how to sing like Beyoncé, or how to be a Beyoncé, do you understand? I just really wanted to be a superstar, and now I am,” she shared, highlighting her determination and proactive approach to achieving her goals.

The Authentic Woman Event

The meeting with Rihanna took place at the Authentic Woman Event, an influential gathering that celebrates women’s empowerment and accomplishments. This event provided a fitting backdrop for Starr’s encounter with one of her musical inspirations. For Starr, it wasn’t just about meeting Rihanna; it was about the validation that came with it.

“I had always felt that Rihanna would appreciate my music,” Starr explained. “Her acknowledgment was like a dream come true, and it reinforced my belief in the kind of music I create.”

Future Prospects

With her career trajectory on a steep upward curve, Ayra Starr continues to make waves in the music industry. Her unique blend of Afrobeats, pop, and R&B has garnered her a global audience, and her encounter with Rihanna has only added to her burgeoning reputation.

Starr’s reflection on her meeting with Rihanna also underscored her awareness of the importance of such moments in her career. “Meeting Rihanna was not just a personal milestone but also a professional one. It shows that my music is reaching people I look up to, and that’s incredibly motivating,” she said.

From Dreams to Reality

Starr’s story is a testament to the power of dreams and the relentless pursuit of one’s passion. Her early fascination with Beyoncé and subsequent drive to learn from her idol paid off, transforming a young girl’s dreams into reality.

“In those early days, I would spend hours practicing and learning, always with the vision of one day becoming a star. Seeing that vision come to life is surreal and incredibly fulfilling,” Starr reflected.

A Message to Aspiring Artists

Starr’s journey offers a powerful message to aspiring artists. Her success underscores the importance of believing in oneself and the value of hard work and persistence.

“Dream big and work tirelessly towards those dreams,” Starr advised. “There will be challenges, but each step brings you closer to your goals. And when you finally get there, it’s all worth it.”

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