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“I never divorced my late husband” – Ka3na



"I never divorced my late husband" - Ka3na

“I never divorced my late husband” – Ka3na

Former Big Brother Naija housemate Ka3na has publicly refuted rumors that she divorced her late husband, Mr. Jones, before his passing. In a clarifying statement on X (formerly Twitter), Ka3na emphasized that she remained legally and traditionally married to her husband until his death and has no intentions of remarrying or altering her marital status.

Addressing the Misinformation

In her heartfelt post, Ka3na expressed her frustration over the persistent false rumors regarding her marital status. She stated, “Public Announcement: I believe it is necessary for me to clarify a misconception that has been circulating amongst the public. There are individuals who falsely claim that I was divorced from my late husband prior to his untimely passing. This is entirely untrue. I was legally and traditionally married to Mr. Jones, and I am now his widow. I have no intention of remarriage or changing my marital status by dropping my husband’s name.”

Upholding Her Late Husband’s Legacy

Ka3na, who is also a mother, reiterated her commitment to upholding her late husband’s legacy and name. She stressed that her love and respect for Mr. Jones remain unwavering and requested the public to respect her stance and refrain from spreading misinformation. “I kindly request that everyone respects this statement and refrains from spreading any form of misinformation. Sincerely, Ms. Katrina Jones. #KA3NATHEBOSSLADY,” she concluded.

The Public Reaction

The announcement has sparked various reactions among her fans and the public. Many have expressed their support and empathy, commending her for her strength and clarity during this difficult time. The misinformation about her marital status had been a source of distress, and her public declaration aimed to put an end to the speculations.

Ka3na’s Life Post-Big Brother Naija

Since her stint on Big Brother Naija, Ka3na has remained a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. Known for her bold personality and entrepreneurial spirit, she has continued to build her brand and maintain a strong presence on social media. Her transparency regarding personal matters has endeared her to many fans who admire her resilience and authenticity.

The Importance of Addressing Rumors

Ka3na’s decision to address these rumors highlights the importance of confronting misinformation head-on. In an era where social media can rapidly spread false narratives, her proactive approach serves as an example of how public figures can take control of their own stories. By directly addressing the false claims, she not only protects her own integrity but also sets a precedent for others in similar situations.

Legal and Traditional Marriage

Ka3na’s emphasis on her legal and traditional marriage underscores the deep cultural and personal significance of her union with Mr. Jones. Traditional marriages hold a special place in many cultures, symbolizing a bond that extends beyond legal formalities. By affirming her status as Mr. Jones’s widow, Ka3na honors this cultural heritage and the enduring connection she shared with her late husband.

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