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BB Naija Avala accuses Tolanibaj of sabotage over unplayed song, Tbaj hits back



BB Naija Avala accuses Tolanibaj of sabotage over unplayed song, Tbaj hits back

BB Naija Avala accuses Tolanibaj of sabotage over unplayed song, Tbaj hits back

In the world of Nigerian reality TV, drama unfolded as Avala Balogun of Big Brother Naija fame accused fellow star Tolanibaj of undermining her music career. The feud erupted when Avala took to social media, alleging that Tolanibaj had deliberately refused to play her song during a recent DJ set. Tolanibaj swiftly responded, denying the accusations and blaming a lack of communication for the misunderstanding.

Avala’s initial outburst came through a fiery Instagram post on June 18, 2024, where she publicly called out Tolanibaj, proclaiming, “Somebody tell this bitch she made an enemy out of me!!!!!!!! @tolanibaj.” This direct accusation ignited a storm of reactions among fans and followers of both celebrities.

In response to Avala’s sharp words, Tolanibaj utilized her platform to offer a detailed explanation. She clarified that the event’s promoter had failed to relay Avala’s performance requirements to her before the DJ set. Tolanibaj emphasized her ignorance of Avala’s expectations, stating, “There was no proper communication from the promoter whatsoever that I needed to infuse your performance into my DJ set at all.”

The DJ further lamented the abrupt truncation of her set, originally scheduled for an hour but reduced to just 30 minutes without warning. This unexpected change, she argued, limited her ability to accommodate additional music requests, including Avala’s.

Moreover, Tolanibaj underscored her previous support for Avala’s music endeavors, expressing disappointment that Avala chose to escalate the issue publicly rather than reaching out privately. “I’m so disappointed to be very honest because what you may have assumed is completely false,” Tolanibaj stated on her social media platform.

She continued, “We could’ve clarified immediately with a call or text but there was no grace extended to hear my side of the story,” highlighting the breakdown in direct communication that led to the misunderstanding.

The clash between Avala and Tolanibaj sheds light on the challenges faced by Nigerian celebrities navigating the music industry’s competitive terrain. It underscores the importance of clear communication and professional courtesy in collaborative efforts within the entertainment sector.

As reactions continue to pour in from fans and industry insiders alike, the incident serves as a reminder of the pitfalls of relying solely on social media to resolve personal disputes. Both Avala and Tolanibaj, known for their strong personalities and individual achievements since their time on Big Brother Naija, are now challenged to mend fences and move forward amidst the glare of public scrutiny.

While the saga unfolds, one thing remains clear: in the dynamic world of Nigerian entertainment, where fame and influence converge, interpersonal conflicts can quickly escalate but also offer opportunities for reconciliation and growth. The next steps for Avala and Tolanibaj will undoubtedly be closely watched by their supporters and the broader entertainment community alike, as they navigate this latest chapter in their public personas.

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