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Simi unveils release date for 4th Album ‘Lost and Found’



Simi unveils release date for 4th Album 'Lost and Found'

Simi unveils release date for 4th Album ‘Lost and Found’

Nigerian singer-songwriter Simi has unveiled the anticipated release date for her upcoming fourth studio album, titled ‘Lost and Found’, scheduled to debut on July 15, 2024. This announcement follows the successful launch of three singles earlier in the year, marking a pivotal moment in Simi’s musical journey.

The revelation of ‘Lost and Found’ came directly from Simi herself via a heartfelt Instagram post, where she shared intimate reflections on her creative process and personal growth. Describing the album as a journey of self-discovery, Simi articulated how the project encapsulates her quest to reconnect with her musical essence and narrative prowess.

“For most of my life, I have enjoyed the privilege of knowing myself deeply, unwaveringly, truly,” Simi expressed in her Instagram announcement. “In more recent years, I have also endured the discomfort of losing myself.” She candidly admitted to moments where she felt disconnected from her identity, a sentiment that deeply influenced the thematic core of ‘Lost and Found’.

Simi elaborated, “Making this album is a symbol of finding parts of myself again that I hoped I hadn’t lost permanently. I don’t believe that we ever stop finding ourselves. If you’re willing to look, there’s always more.” This introspective approach underscores the album’s significance as both a personal rediscovery and an artistic expression aimed at resonating with her audience.

Reflecting on her creative philosophy, Simi emphasized her commitment to authenticity in music-making. “When I sing, I do it first for me, then for you. In this order, because I cannot give what I do not have,” she shared. “LOST AND FOUND is about me reclaiming my chemistry with music, melody, and love stories.” This sentiment underscores Simi’s dedication to crafting music that not only reflects her personal evolution but also captivates and inspires her listeners.

Ahead of the album’s launch, Simi has already made waves with three impactful singles: ‘All I Want’, ‘Boys Are Crazy’ featuring Tiwa Savage, and ‘Borrow Me Your Baby’ featuring Falz. These tracks have garnered significant attention and set the stage for the full release of ‘Lost and Found’, building anticipation among fans and industry insiders alike.

‘Lost and Found’ marks Simi’s fourth studio album, following her critically acclaimed 2022 release ‘TBH (To Be Honest)’. With each album, Simi has showcased her versatility and growth as an artist, earning praise for her distinctive blend of soulful melodies, insightful lyrics, and emotive storytelling.

As the countdown to July 15 begins, fans eagerly await the complete musical narrative that ‘Lost and Found’ promises to deliver. Simi’s journey of self-discovery, reflected through her music, serves as a testament to the transformative power of art and the enduring connection between artist and audience.

In the competitive landscape of Nigerian music, Simi continues to carve her niche with sincerity and artistic integrity, solidifying her position as a trailblazer in contemporary African music. ‘Lost and Found’ not only signifies a new chapter in Simi’s career but also a testament to her ongoing evolution as a musician and storyteller.

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