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NASENI reaffirms commitment to tech and innovation with key inspection at AMTDI



NASENI reaffirms commitment to tech and innovation with key inspection at AMTDI

NASENI reaffirms commitment to tech and innovation with key inspection at AMTDI


In a bold affirmation of its dedication to technological advancement and innovation, the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) conducted a comprehensive inspection of the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Development Institute (AMTDI) in Jalingo, Taraba State. This significant visit, led by Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Khalil Suleiman Halilu, underscored NASENI’s unwavering commitment to enhancing Nigeria’s technological infrastructure.

A Strategic Inspection to Bolster Technological Growth

Halilu’s visit to AMTDI was more than a routine check—it was a strategic move aimed at identifying operational challenges, potential areas for enhancement, and aligning the institute’s goals with NASENI’s broader mission of driving scientific and engineering progress across Nigeria. The inspection also provided a platform for engaging with the management team of AMTDI, reinforcing the importance of a collaborative approach to innovation.

AMTDI, under the aegis of NASENI, focuses on the advancement of manufacturing technologies through rigorous research, development, and dissemination of innovative solutions. This institute plays a pivotal role in driving Nigeria’s industrial growth and technological development. During the visit, Halilu meticulously evaluated the equipment and working conditions at AMTDI, emphasizing the necessity of a well-equipped and conducive environment for effective research and development.

Halilu’s Commitment to Elevating AMTDI

Expressing satisfaction with AMTDI’s dedication and contributions, Halilu reiterated NASENI’s continuous support in providing the essential resources to enhance the capabilities of its institutes. “The role of AMTDI in the technological landscape of Nigeria is pivotal. Our visit today reaffirms my commitment to supporting our development institutes that are at the forefront of driving innovation and development in advanced manufacturing technologies. We are committed to addressing the challenges identified and providing the support needed to elevate AMTDI and others to new heights,” Halilu stated.

The visit concluded with a detailed tour of AMTDI’s facilities, where Halilu observed ongoing projects and initiatives firsthand. He commended the institute’s efforts in fostering a culture of innovation and assured his continued support to achieve shared goals.

Acknowledgment from AMTDI Leadership

John Christopher Tanko, the Acting Managing Director of AMTDI, warmly welcomed Halilu and expressed profound gratitude for the visit. Tanko highlighted the significance of NASENI management’s support in fulfilling the institute’s mandate. “We are honored by the EVC/CEO’s visit and his keen interest in our work. This inspection tour reinforces our confidence in your transformational leadership and commitment to our growth and development. We are dedicated to leveraging the support provided to enhance our research, improve our facilities, and contribute meaningfully to Nigeria’s industrial advancement,” Tanko remarked.

Driving Innovation and Addressing Challenges

The inspection revealed several critical needs and opportunities for upgrading AMTDI’s facilities to ensure they meet global standards. Halilu’s engagement with the staff and management emphasized the importance of addressing these challenges promptly. By providing the necessary resources and support, NASENI aims to enhance AMTDI’s research capabilities and ensure that the institute remains at the forefront of technological innovation.

Aligning with NASENI’s Broader Mission

NASENI’s mission is to drive scientific and engineering infrastructures that are crucial for Nigeria’s development. The agency’s commitment to this mission was evident in Halilu’s proactive approach during the inspection. By aligning AMTDI’s goals with NASENI’s broader objectives, the agency aims to create a cohesive strategy that promotes technological advancement and innovation across the country.

The Broader Impact of NASENI’s Efforts

NASENI’s efforts extend beyond individual institutes like AMTDI. The agency is focused on creating a robust technological ecosystem that supports various sectors of the Nigerian economy. By fostering innovation and providing the necessary infrastructure, NASENI aims to position Nigeria as a leader in technological development in Africa.

The inspection at AMTDI is part of a larger strategy to ensure that all institutes under NASENI are equipped to meet the demands of modern technological research and development. Halilu’s commitment to addressing the challenges identified during the inspection is a testament to NASENI’s dedication to continuous improvement and excellence.

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