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#CHIVIDO24: Davido overcome with emotion as Chioma’s Dad blesses union



#CHIVIDO24: Davido overcome with emotion as Chioma's Dad blesses union

#CHIVIDO24: Davido overcome with emotion as Chioma’s Dad blesses union

In a touching and emotional moment, Nigerian superstar Davido was seen shedding tears of joy as Chioma’s father bestowed his blessings upon the couple during their traditional wedding ceremony on June 25, 2025. The much-anticipated wedding, held in Lagos State, has been a blend of joyous and tear-jerking moments, capturing the hearts of many on social media.

An Instagram video shared by label executive Ubi Franklin showcased the heartfelt scene where Davido and Chioma knelt before her parents, receiving prayers and blessings from Chioma’s father. The video, which quickly went viral, highlighted the profound emotional impact of the ceremony on the groom.

Chioma’s father, in his prayer, invoked divine blessings and guidance for the newlyweds. He prayed, “David and Chioma, on Christ the solid rock you will stand. If you think you have made it, what the Lord would do is almost 10 times what you see. You are blessed in the morning, afternoon, and night. Everywhere you go there will be light. Anywhere you go where there is confusion, your presence will bring direction.”

He continued, “You are a solution and never a problem. God is blessing you and will continue to bless you. You are a fountain of blessings to the Adelekes, not disgrace. You have fought battles and God says he has taken over.”

As the prayers concluded, the camera captured Davido with tears streaming down his face, a poignant display of his deep emotions. His groomsman quickly dabbed away his tears, underscoring the significance of the moment.

Before the blessings, Davido had publicly expressed his commitment to Chioma, promising her parents a lifetime of assurance for their daughter. He declared, “I promise you that your daughter will be protected, respected, and connected. Mummy, Daddy, I love you. Everybody knows that I’m happy for this day and this is the happiest day of my life.”

The traditional wedding ceremony, marked by its grandeur and emotional depth, has been one of the most talked-about events of the year. The union between Davido and Chioma has drawn widespread attention, with many celebrating the couple’s love story and the cultural richness of their ceremony.

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