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Davido promises “lifetime assurance” to Chioma’s parents in heartwarming traditional wedding ceremony



Davido promises "lifetime assurance" to Chioma's parents in heartwarming traditional wedding ceremony

Davido promises “lifetime assurance” to Chioma’s parents in heartwarming traditional wedding ceremony

In a momentous event that has captured the hearts of many, Nigerian music sensation Davido made a heartfelt pledge to the parents of his bride, Chioma, during their traditional wedding ceremony held in Lagos State on June 25, 2024. The ceremony, which is set to be one of the most talked-about events of the year, was filled with emotional moments, celebrity appearances, and grand festivities.

An Instagram video that has since gone viral shows Davido prostrating before Chioma’s parents, a traditional gesture of respect and sincerity. The event’s compere, following cultural customs, asked Davido to formally request Chioma’s hand in marriage and to explain how he intended to care for her.

“Tell us how you are going to take care of her for record purposes,” the compere said, referencing Davido’s well-known declarations of love for Chioma in his songs and public statements.

Lying on the ground in a display of humility and respect, Davido responded with, “I have only two words, lifetime assurance.” His words sparked a wave of cheers from the gathered crowd.

Building on this promise, Davido added, “I promise you that your daughter will be protected, respected, and connected. Mummy, Daddy, I love you. Everybody knows that I’m happy for this day, and this is the happiest day of my life.”

The crowd erupted into louder cheers and applause as Davido rose to his feet, marking the culmination of a deeply emotional and significant part of the ceremony.

The wedding, characterized by its lavish setup, has drawn an eclectic mix of celebrities, dignitaries, and political figures. Among the notable attendees was former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo, highlighting the high-profile nature of the union between Davido and Chioma.

The ceremony, celebrated widely on social media platforms, not only signifies a personal milestone for the couple but also marks a cultural celebration that has resonated deeply with fans and well-wishers around the world. As Davido and Chioma embark on their journey together, their wedding continues to inspire many with its display of love, tradition, and unity.

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