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Two female suicide bombers arrested after Borno blast



Two female suicide bombers have been arrested in Borno State following the detonation of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in Gwoza, authorities said on Sunday.

According to Channelstv, at least 18 people have died from the explosion.

A local government official who confirmed this to Channels Television said 30 of the female suicide bombers were sent into Gwoza to detonate the Improvised Explosives Devices (IEDs) at different locations within the area.

According to the source, only four suicide bombers exploded so far.

She explained that one of the female bombers that came from Pulka Axis was responding to military interrogation at the checkpoint when she panicked and detonated the IED killing herself, the soldier and a civilian JTF member.

It was gathered that the women got into Gwoza from different locations, some from Pulka and others from the Mandara mountains.


The attack, one of the deadliest reported in the state in recent months, injured more than 30 persons. The degree of injuries ranges from abdominal ruptures to skull and limb fractures.

The Director-General of SEMA, Barkindo Saidu, said he witnessed the first blast.

“In my presence, at about 3 pm, the first bomb blast in Gwoza occurred, detonated by a female suicide bomber in the midst of the marriage ceremony celebration,” he wrote in a situation report later in the day.

“It affected more than 30 persons with various levels of injuries and instant death. Some minutes later, another blast occurred around General Hospital.”

The wedding was held at Tashan Mararaba near the Fire Service in Gwoza town.

A survivor said the first bomber was carrying a baby on her back when she stormed the venue and detonated the IED.

Some people gathered to bury those killed at the wedding, Saidu said a third bomber, a lady, detonated another IED with a lot of casualties.

While emergency officials were in the hospital coordinating the rescue mission, a fourth blast was set off by a female teenager.

“So far, 18 deaths comprise children, adult males, females, and pregnant women. 19 seriously injured were conveyed to Maiduguri in four ambulances,” Saidu said.

At the time he released the situation report, he said 23 were waiting for military escort “in the Medical Regimental Services (MRS) Clinic”.

The evacuation of the injured continued into the night with the SEMA DG, who was in Gwoza when the attacks occurred, coordinating the process from there.

He also said he had received a report of a suspected suicide bomber in Pulka but did not provide further details about that.

The military has imposed a curfew in Gwoza LGA in the wake of the attacks.


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