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Logos Olori Defends Davido’s Use of Songwriters



Logos Olori Defends Davido's Use of Songwriters

Logos Olori Defends Davido’s Use of Songwriters


Logos Olori, a signee of Davido’s label, has spoken out in defense of the practice of using songwriters in the music industry, shedding light on its prevalence among top artists including Wizkid, Burna Boy, and global stars like Chris Brown and Michael Jackson.

In an exclusive interview with City 105.1 FM, Logos Olori highlighted that as artists gain fame and their schedules become increasingly demanding with tours and other commitments, the role of songwriters becomes essential in maintaining creative output. He emphasized that while some critics may view it negatively, using songwriters is a practical necessity in the business side of music.

“Most people that shame artists for using songwriters don’t know much about the music business,” Logos Olori stated. “As a musician, you tend to write your songs most times when you are up-and-coming. When you have 10 shows in a week across different countries, you’ll understand that you need a songwriter.”

He pointed out that credits on platforms such as Spotify often reveal the involvement of songwriters, even if artists themselves do not always publicly acknowledge it. “Chris Brown has a songwriter, Michael Jackson had a songwriter. Davido is currently on tour immediately after his wedding. He writes his songs sometimes but most times he has to handle the business side of it. That’s how Burna Boy is, that’s how most artists are, even Wizkid.”

Logos Olori further noted that the use of songwriters is a common practice embraced by many successful musicians to maintain consistent output amidst their busy schedules. He urged a better understanding of the industry dynamics, emphasizing that creativity and business acumen often go hand-in-hand in the music world.

“In essence, using songwriters is not about lacking talent or creativity; it’s about managing time and resources effectively to deliver music that resonates with audiences worldwide,” Logos Olori concluded.

The debate over the role of songwriters in contemporary music continues to evolve, with industry insiders like Logos Olori providing insights into the pragmatic realities that shape artistic production in today’s music landscape.

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