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BBTitans: Ebuka Drags Khosi Over Her Feelings For Yemi And Thabang




YfghBBTitans: Ebuka Drags Khosi Over Her Feelings For Yemi And Thabang

Last week, co-host of the ‘BBTitans’ Ebuka Obi-Uchendu got into some trouble for shaking tables on the show.


Despite the drama and dragging, the media personality did the same thing during last night’s eviction.


Unlike last time when he faced Yemi Cregx, Ebuka turned his sights on Khosi and her feelings for two men in the house.


He asked Khosi if she was 100% honest with Yemi about her feelings for Thabang which left her flustered.


When she failed to give a direct answer, the co-host said, “Don’t make this about Thabang. It is about how you feel about Thabang. You told Thabang when you were looking at him yesterday, you weren’t hearing anything Yemi was saying because you are lost in his eyes.”


Afterwards, Khosi tried to have a conversation with Yemi asking, “Are you not going to say anything?” He replied, “Nah it’s alright. Just go do your thing.”


She also discussed her conflicted feelings with Thabang, who has an on/off thing with another female housemate, Nelissa. The two recently shared a passionate kiss after the Saturday night party.


Ebuka’s table-shaking questions come days after Khosi told Biggie that she did not know who to choose between Yemi and Thabang, adding that she feels confused.


Commenting on Khosi’s conflicted feelings during her diary session on February 16, 2023, Biggie said, “It seems you want Yemi Cregx more when he has seemed like he has interest elsewhere. Now it seems you are attracted to Thabang because you don’t know the outcome of your relationship. So, what or who do you want?”


Once again, Khosi failed to give a direct answer, choosing instead to send a Valentine’s message to her boyfriend at home.


This ongoing drama comes after Khosi pressured her love interest, Yemi to end the love triangle with Blue Aiva which he did.


For now, its unclear if the Khoyemi (Khosi and Yemi) ship will survive Ebuka’s table shaking, or if she will choose Thabang.

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