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Pep Guardiola urges referees to be more humble in the wake of Liverpool VAR controversy



Pep Guardiola urges referees to be more humble in the wake of Liverpool VAR controversy

Guardiola was clearly unhappy with refereeing errors in the Premier League this seaon, and has called on referees to stop trying to win Oscars during matches.


Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has called on referees to be more humble and stop trying to hog the limelight after recent errors in the Premier League.


Guardiola urges referees to be humble

The Premier League’s refereeing body, PGMOL, was forced to issue another apology over the weekend after Liverpool were denied a clear goal due to a “significant human error,” and Guardiola believes that the errors will reduce when referees stop seeing themselves as the main actors on the pitch.


The Manchester City manager was speaking ahead of his side’s UEFA Champions League game against RB Leipzig when he was asked about the recent refereeing controversy, and he replied, “They will have to find a system where the main roles are the players and the game itself.”


He further accused the referees of officiating as though they were in the running for film awards at the Oscars, saying, “In all the countries, not just here. The referees and the VARs are the leading roles. And the Oscar goes to… they have to take a step back. It’s [about] the players.”


Guardiola then enjoined referees to be more humble and allow the players to shine, saying, “[In some games, be more humble and leave the players to do what they have to do, and they will be better.”


Guardiola commiserates with Klopp after refereeing error

Despite their ongoing rivalry, Guardiola also offered support to Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, whose side were on the receiving end of the latest refereeing gaffe, saying, “If they make a mistake with the VAR, we have a problem. I understand completely how upset Liverpool must be in that case. It could be another club, but the bosses of the referees will decide what we have to do and we will follow them. That is all.


“Everyone knows they made a mistake, and Liverpool suffered the big consequence of that. In this type of game, it is so important.”


Guardiola will be hoping his side avoids any refereeing blunders when they travel to Leipzig in the UEFA Champions League, but also crucially when they take on Arsenal in the Premier League this weekend in a potential title showdown.

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