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LivepoolGATE: England manager slams VAR and unnecessary technology



LivepoolGATE: England manager slams VAR and unnecessary technology

England manager Gareth Southgate has had his say about the controversial decision that happened during the Premier League clash between Liverpool and Tottenham, reiterating his opposition to the use of technology in football.


Southgate not a fan of VAR

Liverpool were denied a clear goal when winger Luis Diaz was wrongly adjudged to have been offside despite a VAR check that confirmed he was onside.


The football world has been agog with backlash from the incident, and Southgate is the latest bigwig to have his say.


The England manager was asked about the VAR drama when he was unveiling the latest Three Lions squad, and he replied, “I don’t like it. I was always brought up [to understand] that the referee’s decision was final. You might agree or disagree, but you have to get on with it.


England manager says VAR has not solved refereeing problem

Southgate was insistent that there was no need for an extra set of eyes, as VAR had not eradicated errors in the game.


He said, “We used to go to the pub and moan about the ref, and we still go to the pub and moan about the ref, so I’m not sure what we’ve resolved really, but I am sure we are unlikely to head backwards now.


“I’m probably a bit old-fashioned. The ref gives the decision, let’s crack on, we’ve got to deal with whatever happens.”


Liverpool have received an apology from PGMOL, the body in charge of referees in the Premier League, but are still pursuing further action, including the possibility of replaying the match against Tottenham.

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