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Kogi Speaker declares APC’s Ododo unrivaled ahead of governorship election



Kogi Speaker declares APC's Ododo unrivaled ahead of governorship election

The Speaker of the Kogi House of Assembly, Alhaji Umar Yusuf, asserted that the All Progressives Congress (APC) Governorship Candidate, Alhaji Usman Ododo, faces no substantial competition in the upcoming gubernatorial election in the state.


The Speaker made this declaration during an interview with assembly reporters in Lokoja, right after the House adjourned to November 21, giving members the opportunity to actively engage in their party’s campaigns leading up to the November 11 election.


“In Kogi, there’s no other party as we made a statement loud and clear during our Sunday’s APC official flag-off campaign in Lokoja,” Speaker Yusuf affirmed, exuding confidence. “Let me even tell you, there is no other party contesting the governorship seat with us as long as this election is concerned.”


Yusuf further elaborated, dismissing the opposition parties’ candidates as lacking seriousness in their bid for the governorship seat. “The public need to know that the candidates of other parties are not serious; one of them is contesting so that he will be able to get money from friends and other people to maintain his lifestyle,” he explained, his tone unwavering.


The Speaker elucidated that the absence of genuine competition allowed them the freedom to campaign for Ododo with confidence and without stress. “We have 22 APC members in the Assembly. We have everything for our people to believe in us. So we are good to go campaigning for Ododo with no panic, no stress at all,” he stated emphatically.


Yusuf stated the importance of party loyalty, stating, “It is the party that sponsored us to this place, so we owe it a duty to go and support the party and usher in the new government.” He expressed optimism that the structure which helped secure their own election victory would be instrumental in delivering Ododo a resounding victory on November 11.


Addressing concerns about the burnt assembly complex, the Speaker expressed hope that the ongoing reconstruction efforts would be completed before their return on November 21. “We are of the belief that we shall resume plenary in the assembly complex when we return after the recess on November 21,” he affirmed, displaying confidence in the reconstruction process.


During the plenary session, the lawmakers diligently screened a commissioner nominee, Alhaji Suleiman Bashir. Additionally, the assembly deliberated on crucial bills, including the establishment of the Kogi Oil Producing Area Development Commission.

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