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LP reacts to accusation by its splinter group



The labour party has described members of its splinter group led by Bashiru-Lamidi Apapa as ‘malicious hatchet jobbers’ who have consistently oppose the progress of the party.

The national leadership of the labour party was reacting to the accusation by the Apapa led faction of the party, that the party presidential candidate in the 2023 election, Peter Obi was using his late brother school certificate.

( *“Chief Lamidi Apapa and Arambabi have been going about merchandising with the name of the party and endlessly castigating our flag bearer who we are proud to say is the most popular and loved Nigerian politician today.

Gentlemen of the press, as they go about using the name of the party, none of them has said anything positive about Peter Obi as their Presidential candidate of the party they claim that speaks in vulumes.

Instead, they have even been more vociferous against Peter Obi than their sponsors yet they claim they are of the Labour Party. Is it not time the media houses blacklist them for wearing the devil’s coat and speaking on the saint’s platform* .”)

Labour Party explained that the brother of Peter Obi , the faction claimed to be dead is alive, saying that the allegation from the splinter group emanated from the ‘bit of hell.’

The party called on the media to desist from patronizing Bashir-Lamidi Apapa and his followers who have become ‘political hirelings, buccaneers indulging in menial work of character assassination’.

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