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Ohanaeze hails gov Uzodimma for offering amnesty to unknown gunmen in Imo



Ohanaeze hails gov Uzodimma for offering amnesty to unknown gunmen in Imo

Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide has hailed Gov. Hope Uzodimma of Imo State, for offering amnesty to all the unknown gunmen hiding in the bush as a way of curtailing insecurity in the state.


The group gave the commendation in a statement issued by the group’s National Publicity Secretary, Dr Alex Ogbonnia, on Thursday in Enugu.


Ogbonnia said the decision was reached at a meeting of selected leaders of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Northern Zone, held on Tuesday at the residence of the President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo worldwide, Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu.


According to Ogbonnia, Uzodimma has promised to offer full employment to all youths who denounce nefarious activities in Imo State.


“It is hoped that since Uzodimma, the Chairman of the South East Governors Forum, had done this, all the other South-East Governors will key into the Amnesty programme,” he said.


He stated that Igbo leaders have urged the young men in the region to take advantage of the amnesty programme for peace to reign in Igboland.


Ogbonnia added that the meeting expressed very deep concern over the insecurity in the Southeast and felt sad over the continued incarceration of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.


“The President General was, therefore, mandated to immediately seek an appointment with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, with a view to negotiating the release of Kanu, amongst other security issues in the South East,” Ogbonnia said.


He further said that Igbo leaders had pledged to build an International Market in Igboland, adding that with the completion of the project, all the Igbo traders would be expected to own a market store in Igboland.


This, he said, would create job opportunities, enhance goods and services and ultimately increase Gross Domestic Product in the country.


“As a corollary to this, Igbo Leader will hold a summit of Igbo Traders Associations in Nigeria and some parts of Africa,” he said.


Ogbonnia explained that Iwuanyanwu had also announced the establishment of a Special Committee, known as the “Committee for Reconciliation and Peace Building in Nigeria” with Dr Dominic Okechukwu as the Chairman while Dr. Joseph Ibekwe will be the Secretary.


He said the other members of the Committee would be announced later, adding that the president general had inaugurated the Elders Council for Abuja and the Northern States of Nigeria.


The Council is Chaired by Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife with Chief S.N. Okeke as the Deputy while Prof. Charles Nwekeaku was named Secretary.


The publicity secretary said members of the meeting lauded the robust initiatives so far taken by Iwuanyanwu, since his assumption of Office as the President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide.


This, he said, was more pronounced in the areas of peacebuilding, transportation, railway, seaport, international airport and other areas of strategic interest to Igbos.


According to him, members expressed immense delight that with the Iwuanyanwu vision, intellect and invaluable diverse contacts, a lot of lost ground will be recovered.


He listed other dignitaries who attended the meeting including: Dr Okwesilieze Nwodo, Sen. Chris Ngige, Sen. Joy Emordi, Ambassador Eddy Onuoha, Ken Emechebe, and Chief Sam Obaji, among others.

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Father’s unyielding pursuit: 2 years on, justice still eludes late Dowen College student



Father's unyielding pursuit: 2 years on, justice still eludes late Dowen College student

In a poignant continuation of an unresolved tragedy, Sylvester Oromoni Snr, the father of the late Dowen College student who tragically passed away on November 30, 2021, remains resolute in his quest for justice. Two years after the 12-year-old’s demise, allegedly a result of severe health complications exacerbated by traumatic incidents at the Lagos-based school, the grieving father addressed reporters in Warri on Wednesday, November 29, 2023.


The ongoing legal battle surrounding the circumstances of Sylvester Oromoni Jr.’s death has left his body lingering in the morgue, awaiting justice’s delayed arrival. The father, undeterred by the passage of time, expressed his unwavering determination to see the pursuit of justice through to its logical conclusion.


Speaking from the heart, Sylvester Oromoni Snr conveyed the somber news of his son’s extended stay in the morgue during a press briefing in Warri. The 12-year-old’s untimely demise has been shrouded in allegations of physical abuse, including claims that he was forcibly given a concussion to drink by five senior students at Dowen College.


“As the father of the deceased, I cannot be tired or discouraged from pursuing justice. I have promised my son to get him justice even if it will take thirty years to achieve it,” Oromoni asserted, highlighting the enduring commitment to ensuring accountability for his son’s tragic fate.


November 30, 2023, marks the second anniversary of Sylvester Oromoni Jr.’s passing, yet the legal proceedings continue to unfold, leaving the grieving father in a prolonged state of uncertainty and sorrow.


Concluding his address with a heartfelt prayer, Oromoni extended his wishes for peace to all departed souls, including his late son. “May the soul of Sylvester Oromoni Jr. and all departed souls rest in perfect peace. Amen.”


The unresolved tragedy surrounding Dowen College underscores the pressing need for justice in cases of alleged abuse within educational institutions, sparking broader conversations about the safety and well-being of students in schools. As Sylvester Oromoni Snr persists in his pursuit, his resilience stands as a testament to the enduring fight for justice and accountability in the face of heartbreaking loss.

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Tinubu and King Charles III forge alliance against climate change at COP28



Tinubu and King Charles III forge alliance against climate change at COP28

In a landmark encounter on the sidelines of the COP28 Climate Summit in Dubai, President Bola Tinubu of Nigeria engaged in a high-level meeting with His Majesty, King Charles III of England. The rendezvous, marked by shared commitment to environmental advocacy, signifies a significant stride in global collaboration to combat climate change.


His Majesty, known for his fervent advocacy on environmental issues, has consistently championed the cause, making this meeting a pivotal moment in fostering united efforts against the climate crisis.


President Tinubu took to Twitter to share his satisfaction with the outcomes of the meeting, characterizing it as a productive engagement with the 75-year-old monarch. In his tweet, he stated, “I had a productive meeting with His Majesty, King Charles III of England, who is also the Head of the Commonwealth and a passionate climate advocate.”


The discussions, held against the backdrop of the COP28 Climate Summit, centered on fortifying the partnership between Nigeria and the United Kingdom in addressing the pressing challenges posed by climate change. President Tinubu expressed optimism regarding the potential positive impact that collaborative efforts between the two nations could have on the future of the planet.


Acknowledging the need for a global standard in environmental stewardship, President Tinubu highlighted the significance of COP28 as a platform for nations to actively contribute to the ongoing global discourse on climate action. He emphasized the importance of setting an equitable standard for environmental responsibility.


“The meeting was a significant step in strengthening the partnership between Nigeria and the United Kingdom, and I am optimistic about the positive impact our joint efforts will have on our planet’s future as we look forward to setting an equitable global standard for environmental stewardship at COP28,” President Tinubu affirmed.


As the COP28 Summit progresses, the collaborative spirit exhibited by President Tinubu and King Charles III serves as a beacon of hope in the collective fight against climate change. Their joint commitment underscores the importance of global partnerships in addressing the urgent environmental challenges that impact nations worldwide.

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Funke Akindele, Chidi Mokeme, Chioma Chukwuka headline inkblot’s crime thriller “No Way Through” premiering on Amazon Prime Video



Funke Akindele, Chidi Mokeme, Chioma Chukwuka headline inkblot's crime thriller "No Way Through" premiering on Amazon Prime Video

Inkblot Productions, a trailblazer in the Nigerian film industry, has unveiled the much-anticipated crime thriller, “No Way Through,” set to exclusively premiere globally on Amazon Prime Video this December. The star-studded cast includes Nollywood luminaries Funke Akindele, Chidi Mokeme, Chioma Chukwuka, Ikechukwu, Nengi Adoki, Seun Ajayi, Jnr Pope, Eso Dike, Roberta Oroma, and Sheggz Olusemo.


Directed by Inkblot CEO Chinaza Onuzo, the film explores the intricate balance between family, survival, and the risks taken in the pursuit of freedom. The storyline revolves around Jolade Okeniyi, a single mother employed as a driver for a local drug cartel. When confronted by the authorities, she faces a dilemma—become an informant against the cartel to secure her freedom and protect her daughter, risking deadly consequences.


Onuzo, who also penned the screenplay, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “I loved making No Way Through because it was an opportunity to explore the lengths people will go to for the people they love. In the film, we see this through the lens of a mother’s love for her daughter.”


The director commended the cast for delivering exceptional performances, especially highlighting the trio of Funke Akindele, Chidi Mokeme, and Chioma Chukwuka. Onuzo extended appreciation to collaborative partner Film One Studios and acknowledged Amazon Prime Video for providing a global platform for the film’s premiere.


Inkblot Productions, known for its commitment to storytelling excellence, has enjoyed recent success with critically acclaimed titles like the romantic comedy “Big Love” and the gripping thriller “A Weekend to Forget,” which recently concluded its successful cinematic run.


As “No Way Through” gears up for its Amazon Prime Video debut, audiences can anticipate a compelling narrative that delves into the complexities of love, sacrifice, and the unyielding spirit of those facing the challenges of life in the bustling cityscape of Lagos. Inkblot’s legacy of producing captivating stories continues to captivate audiences globally, cementing their reputation as a cinematic powerhouse in Nigerian cinema.

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