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Kogi Commissioner of Police initiates probe into alleged Police assault on passenger



Kogi Commissioner of Police initiates probe into alleged Police assault on passenger

The Commissioner of Police (CP) for Kogi State, Bethrand Onuoha, has issued an order for an investigation into a reported incident of assault on a passenger by a police officer at a highway checkpoint in the state. The CP took this action after viewing a viral video showcasing the alleged unprofessional conduct of the officer at an undisclosed checkpoint in the state.


Expressing disappointment over the incident, Onuoha, in a telephone interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), expressed regret that some officers are still engaging in unprofessional behaviour despite efforts to promote good conduct. He took responsibility for the unfortunate occurrence and said that incivility towards civilians constitutes a serious disciplinary offence.


The CP stated, “I have seen the video in which an innocent passenger was slapped by an officer. I have already directed my subordinate to investigate the incident and fish out the officer involved.” He stressed the importance of maintaining a positive image and conducting themselves with civility, as police officers are meant to be above reproach.


Acknowledging the significance of civilian support and cooperation for the police to succeed, Onuoha condemned any mistreatment of civilians, stating, “Because of our uniforms as policemen, we are supposed to be a little above board.”


He urged officers to consider their own families when interacting with people,adding that mistreating individuals is unnecessary and unacceptable. The CP also highlighted the need for officers to conduct their duties with a clear conscience, stating that despite the challenges of the job, professionalism and respect are essential.

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