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FG breaks ground for 57 housing units, aiming to boost civil servants’ well-being



FG breaks ground for 57 housing units, aiming to boost civil servants' well-being

In a significant move to prioritize the welfare of civil servants, the Federal Government initiated the foundation laying ceremony for 57 housing units under the Staff Housing Estate project of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security.


Located at Saraji District Phase 1, Kabusa, Abuja, the project aims to create a conducive living environment for ministry staff, fostering well-being, job satisfaction, and ultimately enhancing productivity. Dr. Ernest Umakhihe, the Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, emphasized the importance of providing comfortable housing for employees.


Umakhihe acknowledged the challenges faced by staff in securing suitable housing amidst rising real estate costs and limited affordable options. He expressed pride in prioritizing this initiative, leveraging resources and partnering with reputable organizations to ensure the successful implementation of the housing project.


“This housing project symbolizes our recognition of their immense contributions, and it is a tangible testament to our commitment to reward and retain talent within our Ministry,” stated Umakhihe. He reiterated the ministry’s dedication to creating an enabling environment that not only enhances professional growth but also nurtures personal well-being.


The event marked the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of staff members, according to Oluwatoyin Alade, the Director of Human Resources Management. She emphasized that the initiatives reflect the ministry’s unwavering commitment to ensuring food security and the well-being of individuals dedicated to the agricultural sector.


The proposed estate, designed by Green Peak Shelters Limited, will consist of various housing styles, including one-bedroom and two-bedroom block of flat house styles, three-bedroom semidetached and standalone duplexes, four-bedroom standalone duplex, and five-bedroom standalone duplex. The estate is also set to feature an educational institution, underlining the importance of education in the community.


As the foundation is laid for these housing units, the Federal Government demonstrates its commitment to recognizing and rewarding the contributions of civil servants while fostering a conducive and rewarding work environment.

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