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Johnny Drille reveals: ‘My wife was my first girlfriend ever’ in candid Interview



Johnny Drille reveals: 'My wife was my first girlfriend ever' in candid Interview

Nigerian singer Johnny Drille has opened up about his love life, stating that his wife, Rima Tahini, was his first girlfriend. The revelation came during an interview with actress Iyabo Ojo on her show, Gold Room with Iyabo Ojo.


Detailing the origin of their relationship, Drille shared that he first noticed Tahini in 2018 at one of his shows after signing with Mavin Records. At the time, she was working at the record label. Recalling the moment, he said, “I thought both of them were white. She is mixed race.”


Drille emphasized that after reconnecting and getting to know her, he had a strong conviction that she was the one. Surprisingly, he admitted that he had never had a girlfriend before meeting Tahini, revealing this fact at the age of 28.


“When I was working on another show in Abuja, we got talking. We met in October, and by January, I knew I was going to marry her. And I told her I was going to marry her. For me, it was a deep conviction. A lot of people will not believe this, but she was my first girlfriend. I never had a girlfriend before her,” he added.



Responding to whether he was a virgin when he met his wife, Drille playfully dodged the question. Despite being new to relationships, he skillfully kept his personal life private, successfully concealing their relationship until their wedding in 2022. The couple surprised fans by revealing their marriage in July 2023, marking their first anniversary.

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