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Nyesom Wike seeks Daewoo partnership for Five-Star Hotels to boost Abuja tourism



Nyesom Wike seeks Daewoo partnership for Five-Star Hotels to boost Abuja tourism

In a bid to enhance tourism in the Federal Capital City, Abuja, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Mr. Nyesom Wike, has extended a call for collaboration to Daewoo for the construction of a five-star hotel.

Wike conveyed this proposal during a meeting with Mr. Jung Won-ju, Chairman of Daewoo Engineering and Construction, in Abuja on Thursday. The minister emphasized the need for luxury hotels to support the city’s development and transform it into an enticing tourist destination.

Highlighting the current limited competition, with Transcorp Hilton being the sole five-star hotel, Wike expressed the desire for additional luxury hotels in Abuja. He assured Daewoo that the Federal Capital Territory Administration would provide land for the project, emphasizing a commitment to fast-tracking the development.

“If we want to invest in tourism and we want to build a five-star hotel, what role can you play? To assure you that we are ready, we are not going to give you land to sell. We will give you land and then we will ask you how many years do you think it will take you to be able to develop this five-star hotel,” said Wike.

The minister promised to coordinate with the Korean Ambassador to schedule a visit to South Korea and Daewoo to finalize project details promptly. He assured Daewoo of a seamless process, assuring them that all necessary approvals and requirements would be facilitated by the FCT Administration.

“We will make sure that before the end of the year, we are able to visit Korea, particularly Daewoo. So, we will write to the ambassador of Korea to let him know, and then write to you, so we will be able to fine-tune it. That way I will be happy that there is something we can take home,” Wike stated.

Won-Ju, Chairman of Daewoo, expressed gratitude for the warm reception and pledged swift actions to realize the partnership, assuring compliance with demands and guidance from the FCT.

“We are ready to overcome every challenge, and our Managing Director in Nigeria, Mr. Taewon Jung, will fully support the realization of the partnership as soon as possible. We are willing to comply with your demands and your guidance,” said Won-Ju.

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