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President Tinubu set to champion Nigeria’s Climate Agenda at COP28 in Dubai



President Tinubu set to champion Nigeria's Climate Agenda at COP28 in Dubai

President Bola Tinubu is gearing up to lead the Nigerian delegation to the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference, known as COP28, scheduled to take place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The President’s departure from Abuja is slated for Wednesday, marking a crucial moment for Nigeria’s engagement on global climate action.


The COP28, themed “Unite, Act, and Deliver,” will host the World Leaders’ Summit on December 1 and 2, 2023. President Tinubu is poised to deliver a national statement during this summit, emphasising Nigeria’s perspective on pivotal issues such as renewable energy and climate financing.


Advocacy for global support


Recognising the severe impact of climate change on Nigeria, including challenges like desertification, flooding, erosion, drought, and associated national security risks, President Tinubu aims to leverage this international platform to advocate for increased financial and technical support for developing nations. He plans to remind developed countries of their commitment to providing $100 billion annually to support localised initiatives addressing climate change-related challenges.


The President’s message will extend to the accountability of businesses and institutions, underlining Nigeria’s commitment to promoting sustainable and responsible practices. This aligns with the nation’s broader strategy for climate resilience and environmental sustainability.


Exploring bilateral partnerships


The Nigerian delegation, led by President Tinubu, will actively explore opportunities to establish new and deeper bilateral partnerships. Key areas of focus include implementing Nigeria’s Energy Transition, Article 6 Projects, Internationally Transferred Mitigation Outcomes (ITMOs), Technology Transfer, Capacity Building, and Methane Mitigation.


Aggressive pursuit of Foreign Direct Investment


President Tinubu’s agenda in Dubai goes beyond the summit’s formal proceedings. He will actively participate in key sideline events, aligning with his commitment to aggressively attract foreign direct investment. This initiative aims to enhance wealth creation and revenue expansion within Nigeria. The President will also engage in other events hosted by the Nigerian delegation to strengthen ties and showcase Nigeria’s commitment to sustainable practices.


Return to Abuja


Accompanied by senior government officials, President Tinubu is expected to return to Abuja following the conclusion of the COP28 summit. His active involvement in the global climate discourse reinforces Nigeria’s dedication to addressing climate challenges, fostering international partnerships, and promoting sustainable development.

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