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Ethiopian Airlines enforces ban on ‘Ghana Must Go’ bags; FAAN clarifies its role in the directive



Ethiopian Airlines enforces ban on 'Ghana Must Go' bags; FAAN clarifies its role in the directive

In a recent development, Ethiopian Airlines has implemented a ban on the use of ‘Ghana Must Go’ bags, a popular choice among travelers for its affordability and convenience. The ban, communicated to passengers through an official statement, aims to address the recurring damages caused to conveyor belts at various airports, resulting in substantial costs for the airlines.

Initially, reports suggested that the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) was responsible for issuing the ban. However, FAAN has clarified that the directive originated from Ethiopian Airlines, not from the Nigerian aviation authority. In a tweet, FAAN stated, “Kindly note that @flyethiopian issued a prohibition of the use of Ghana must go on their flight and not FAAN. Thank you.”

The clarification dispels any confusion surrounding the source of the ban, emphasizing that FAAN did not initiate the directive but is communicating it to the public.

Ethiopian Airlines Implements Ban

In a tweet, FAAN shared a statement from Ethiopian Airlines announcing the prohibition to its passengers. The statement outlined the restrictions on irregularly shaped packages, specifically ‘Ghana Must Go’ bags, on Ethiopian Airlines flights. Passengers are strictly prohibited from bringing these bags unless adequately packed in a carton or hardcover rectangular container.

The airline explained that the ban was a response to the frequent damages incurred by conveyor belts at various airports, leading to significant financial losses for the airlines involved. The statement called for passengers’ cooperation in complying with the rule to ensure the smooth operation of flights and minimize potential disruptions caused by damaged conveyor belts.

“We appreciate your understanding and continued support in adhering to these guidelines. Thank you for choosing Ethiopian Airlines,” the statement concluded.

FAAN’s Clarification

FAAN’s tweet redirecting responsibility to Ethiopian Airlines clears the air about the origin of the ban. The agency’s initial disassociation from the directive helps prevent misinformation and underscores the importance of accurate communication in the aviation sector.

Global Precedent

This move by Ethiopian Airlines echoes a similar ban implemented six years ago by the United Arab Emirates authorities. The UAE authorities prohibited the use of oversized bags, including ‘Ghana Must Go’ bags, at Dubai airports. Such restrictions on irregularly shaped packages aim to maintain the efficiency and integrity of airport conveyor belt systems.

As the aviation industry continues to grapple with operational challenges, including the handling of diverse luggage, airlines are implementing measures to streamline processes and reduce financial losses. The ban on ‘Ghana Must Go’ bags by Ethiopian Airlines adds to a growing global trend of regulations targeting specific types of luggage to ensure the smooth functioning of airport operations.

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