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French Minister backs EFCC’s anti-corruption crusade, pledges collaborative action



French Minister backs EFCC's anti-corruption crusade, pledges collaborative action

In a significant show of international solidarity, the French Minister of the Interior and Overseas, Laurent Baile, has voiced unwavering support for Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in its relentless fight against economic and financial crimes. The endorsement came during Baile’s courtesy visit to the EFCC Chairman, Ola Olukoyede, wherein both parties discussed strategies to combat cybercrimes and enhance cooperation in joint investigations and intelligence sharing.


During the meeting, Baile extended his congratulations to Olukoyede on his appointment and underscored the critical need for collaborative efforts in addressing the challenges posed by cybercrimes and related criminal activities. The French Minister emphasized the importance of joint initiatives to tackle these evolving threats effectively.


EFCC Spokesperson, Dele Oyewale, revealed that discussions between Baile and Olukoyede delved into the nuances of cooperation, focusing on the intricacies of joint investigations and intelligence exchange. Oyewale quoted Baile as expressing his commitment to supporting the EFCC’s endeavors to combat economic crimes and corruption.


Olukoyede, in response, acknowledged Baile’s encouraging words and reiterated the EFCC’s dedication to steering the fight against economic and financial crimes with a keen focus on national development. He outlined the Commission’s overarching goal, emphasizing that combating economic crimes is pivotal to fostering economic growth, stimulating development, generating employment opportunities, and eliminating obstacles to sustainable progress.


“We are determined to properly focus the mandate of the Commission in the overall interests of Nigerians,” Olukoyede declared. “The overriding aim of fighting economic and financial crimes is to grow the economy, stimulate development, create jobs, and remove bottlenecks against sustainable development. We will be more professional in the way we do our jobs, and we will adhere strictly to the rule of law.”


Olukoyede also took the opportunity to express gratitude to the French government for its consistent and longstanding support for the EFCC. He emphasized the need for enhanced collaboration and synergy in tackling the pervasive menace of economic and financial crimes that transcend national borders.


The French Minister’s visit was not merely symbolic, as it underscored a tangible commitment to fostering a stronger alliance between France and Nigeria in the realm of combating economic crimes. Baile’s presence, accompanied by Verin Emmanuel, Interior Attaché at the French Embassy, signaled a shared determination to address the challenges posed by contemporary criminal activities that exploit the digital landscape.


As the EFCC and French authorities align forces, the prospect of a more coordinated and effective response to economic and financial crimes looms on the horizon. The collaboration is expected to yield concrete results in curbing cybercrimes and related offenses, with the ultimate goal of promoting economic stability, safeguarding national interests, and fostering a secure and prosperous environment for both nations.

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