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Tragedy unfolds: Death toll hits 120 in Kaduna village bombing, victims laid  to rest in mass burial



Tragedy unfolds: Death toll hits 120 in Kaduna village bombing, victims laid  to rest in mass burial

In a devastating turn of events, the death toll from the accidental bombing of Tudun Biri community in Kaduna State has surged to 120, as revealed by Amnesty International. Survivors have harrowing tales of the military’s double bombardment on their village, turning a celebration of the Maulud, the birthday of Prophet Muhammad, into a nightmarish tragedy.


Saudatu Alamagani, a survivor who narrowly escaped death, recounted the horror, stating, “They bombed us twice. It all started around 10 pm when the military started bombing our community.” As villagers sought medical assistance for the wounded, the military returned, unleashing another round of airstrikes. The aftermath left the ground littered with the lifeless bodies of men, women, children, and even pregnant women. Alamagani tragically lost four family members in the merciless attack.


Taking responsibility for the tragedy, the army has faced widespread condemnation, while the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) initially reported 85 casualties. However, Amnesty International’s Country Director, Isah Sanusi, revealed a higher toll, stating, “I can confirm to you that the current number of casualties in the affected areas is more than 120 persons.” Sanusi’s contacts at the mass burial site disclosed 77 bodies in each mass grave, along with 17 others from adjoining villages who perished in the incident.


NEMA’s Chief Information Officer, Halima Suleman, clarified that the agency’s casualty figure hadn’t been updated, emphasizing ongoing relief efforts. She stated, “Our officials are on the ground there today. They took some persons to hospitals, provided relief items and gave moral support.”


On a somber Tuesday, 85 victims were laid to rest in a mass burial, attended by the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. General Taoreed Lagbaja. During the ceremony, Lagbaja issued a heartfelt apology to the grieving community and pledged a thorough inquiry to uncover the circumstances leading to the tragic incident.


The gravity of the situation prompted calls for investigations from President Bola Tinubu and Kaduna State Governor, Uba Sani. Both leaders underscored the need for a comprehensive examination to bring clarity and justice to the victims and their families. As the nation mourns, the aftermath of this devastating event calls for accountability, compassion, and swift action to prevent such tragedies in the future.

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