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Lagos unveils 2023 Greater Lagos Fiesta at Sol Beach Oniru, promising unprecedented celebrations



Lagos unveils 2023 Greater Lagos Fiesta at Sol Beach Oniru, promising unprecedented celebrations

In a groundbreaking announcement, the Lagos State Commissioner for Tourism, Mrs Toke Benson-Awoyinka, declared that the grand finale of the 2023 Greater Lagos Fiesta, formerly known as Lagos Countdown or One Lagos Fiesta, will captivate the city at Sol Beach, Oniru, on December 31. The revelation came during the unveiling of the “Oniru Gazette” magazine at Sol Beach, an event graced by the Oniru of Iruland, Oba Omogbolahan Lawal, Victoria Island, Lagos.


Setting the stage for unprecedented festivities


Commissioner Benson-Awoyinka revealed that the festivities would unfold across the state from December 29 to December 31, spanning all divisions. As she promised an event of unparalleled magnitude, she asserted that the Greater Lagos Fiesta would redefine the concept of celebrations for Lagos residents. Furthermore, Benson-Awoyinka emphasized the strategic move to position Oniru as a focal point for Lagos tourism, marking a departure from the traditional countdown location at Eko Atlantic City.


A new dawn for Oniru: Tourism zone extravaganza


Acknowledging the rich potential of Oniru as a tourism zone, Commissioner Benson-Awoyinka expressed her vision to transform the area into a vibrant hub for Lagos tourism. The decision to host the grand finale at Sol Beach, Oniru, symbolizes a deliberate effort to showcase the unique charm and allure of this waterfront destination.


In her address, she said, “The last time I came here, I told the Kabiyesi that we need to do something here. Normally, we used to have our usual countdown at the Eko Atlantic City. I told Kabiyesi that this is the tourism zone of Lagos, so we are going to bring the whole of Lagos here on December 31.”


Elevating the celebration experience


With a commitment to exceeding past festivities, the Commissioner assured the public that the 2023 Greater Lagos Fiesta would not only feature the customary elements but also elevate the celebration to unprecedented heights. The promise to “raise the bar” suggests that attendees can anticipate a dazzling array of entertainment, cultural showcases, and interactive experiences, making this year’s event a truly unforgettable spectacle.


Oniru gazette unveiling: A symbolic prelude


The announcement took place against the backdrop of the unveiling of the “Oniru Gazette” magazine, a symbolic prelude to the grand event. The magazine, unveiled by Oba Omogbolahan Lawal, serves as a testament to the cultural richness and historical significance of Oniru. The convergence of these two events at Sol Beach reflects the city’s commitment to honoring its heritage while embracing the future.


Strategic partnership with Oniru: Celebrating diversity and unity


By choosing Sol Beach, Oniru, as the venue for the grand finale, the Lagos State Government aims to strengthen its partnership with the Oniru community. This strategic collaboration underscores the importance of unity and diversity in celebrating Lagos’ cultural tapestry. The decision to extend the countdown festivities to all divisions of the state emphasizes the inclusivity of the Greater Lagos Fiesta, ensuring that residents from various corners of Lagos can partake in the jubilation.


The countdown spectacle


As Lagos gears up for the countdown extravaganza, residents can anticipate an unprecedented experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional celebrations. The decision to shift the grand finale to Sol Beach, Oniru, marks a visionary step toward highlighting the untapped potential of this scenic location and fostering a renewed sense of pride in Lagosians.


Anticipating a new year’s eve like never before


With the promise of a countdown “like one that you have not seen before,” Commissioner Benson-Awoyinka has set the stage for an extraordinary New Year’s Eve celebration. As Lagosians prepare to bid farewell to the current year and usher in a new one, the 2023 Greater Lagos Fiesta at Sol Beach, Oniru, emerges as a beacon of excitement, unity, and cultural vibrancy—a fitting spectacle to mark the beginning of a promising year ahead.

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