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Priscilla Ojo claps back at Naira Marley’s libel accusations, defends Mother Iyabo Ojo



In a fiery response to singer Naira Marley’s recent defamation claims against her mother, actress Iyabo Ojo, Priscilla Ojo took to Instagram Stories to defend her family and call out the singer for his legal pursuits. The social media post not only addressed the accusations but also shed light on the ongoing controversy surrounding Marley’s alleged bullying of the late singer Mohbad.

Priscilla began her Instagram story with a direct message to Naira Marley, suggesting that he should focus on the lawsuits already in court against him. She questioned the legitimacy of his intentions to sue and brought attention to the pending cases related to unpaid royalties and the catalog of Mohbad.

“The audacity!! You want to sue? Sue who. Lmaooooo..clowns. The cases you have in court for the boys’ catalogue and unpaid royalties, have you finished that one? You want to sue who? When there are legit videos and evidence of your gang steadily bullying that young man before he died. Dey play!” she expressed.

The actress’s daughter didn’t stop there; she criticized Nigerians for dragging her mother on social media. Priscilla emphasized Iyabo Ojo’s active role in seeking justice for the late Mohbad, who tragically passed away on September 12, 2023.

“Nigerians, y’all amaze me, sha, but I’ll say no celebrity should have their safety, career, kids in the line to fight for justice. That woman y’all are dragging now didn’t only come online to fight; she was legit at the police station back to back. Now she was fighting for the young man that was vividly bullied with evidence from his record label before he died,” Priscilla’s post read.

The lengthy response from Priscilla Ojo comes in the wake of legal actions initiated by Naira Marley’s lawyers against Iyabo Ojo. The document served to the actress accused her of libel and demanded ₦500 million for damages. The lawyers highlighted certain statements made by Iyabo Ojo in September, which they deemed harmful to Marley’s career. The singer requested a public apology and a retraction of the statements within seven days of receiving the document, threatening legal consequences if not complied with.

As of now, Iyabo Ojo has not publicly addressed the letter from Naira Marley’s lawyers, leaving the situation hanging in anticipation of how the legal drama will unfold in the coming days. The public’s attention remains captivated by the exchange between the two parties, shedding light on the complexities and challenges within the entertainment industry.

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