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Edo’s economic rebirth: Retired Gen. Charles Airhiavbere vows to be the catalyst for APC’s success in 2024



Edo's economic rebirth: Retired Gen. Charles Airhiavbere vows to be the catalyst for APC's success in 2024

In a bid to revolutionize Edo State’s economic landscape, Retired Gen. Charles Airhiavbere, a prominent All Progressives Congress (APC) aspirant for the 2024 governorship election, unveiled his ambitious plan at the party’s state secretariat in Benin. The retired military officer, who previously served as the Executive Director of Finance and Administration at the Niger Delta Development Commission, declared his intent to be the driving force behind a new era of prosperity and development in the state.


Airhiavbere, addressing party members during the campaign launch, urged them to entrust him with the gubernatorial ticket, emphasizing his extensive experience and cross-party connections as crucial assets for securing victory. He reminisced about his past support for the present governor’s election in 2016 and his role as one of the seven aspirants who endorsed the consensus candidate, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, in 2020. Now, he asserts, it is his turn to lead the charge, declaring, “I’ve asked…to let me be the meat that sets the trap that catches the antelope.”


The retired general outlined his vision for Edo State, encapsulated in a strategic plan he dubbed “PIE” — Peace, Infrastructural Development, and Economic Prosperity. According to Airhiavbere, these three pillars are interconnected and fundamental to building a better society for all Edo residents.


His commitment to peace, the first pillar, is articulated with an understanding that without a peaceful environment, nothing substantial can thrive. “For anything to happen in any environment – even in our homes – there must be peace. Without a peaceful Edo state, there will be no food security. You can’t even attract investors to the state, and the people cannot have the best life,” he asserted.


Moving to the second pillar, infrastructural development, Airhiavbere emphasized its pivotal role in the prosperity of any state. He pledged to prioritize infrastructure, committing to investments in modern transportation systems, sustainable energy initiatives, and upgraded technology networks. This, he believes, will form the backbone of a prosperous Edo.


In outlining the third pillar, economic prosperity, the APC aspirant revealed his plan to stimulate job creation, encourage entrepreneurship, and support small businesses. By fostering a conducive environment for innovation and investment, Airhiavbere aims to boost economic growth and ensure that its benefits are distributed equitably among all citizens.


The retired general’s vision goes beyond mere promises, aiming to reshape the narrative of Edo State by leveraging his experience and relationships. With a focus on the pivotal elements of peace, infrastructure, and economic prosperity, Airhiavbere’s candidacy presents itself as a potential catalyst for positive change in the upcoming elections. As the political landscape in Edo evolves, all eyes will be on the retired general, waiting to see if he can indeed be the meat that catches the antelope and transforms the fortunes of the state.

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