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Veteran Nollywood actor Mr Ibu faces further health setback, undergoes additional amputation in ongoing health struggle



In a poignant update on the health of renowned Nollywood actor John Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu, his family revealed on Saturday that the beloved comic figure has undergone additional amputation on the same leg that previously underwent surgery. This disheartening development comes after a series of health challenges and surgeries, painting a somber picture of the actor’s ongoing battle with health complication.

Unraveling the health saga


Mr Ibu’s health struggles have been well-documented, with this recent revelation marking a critical point in his journey. According to a statement issued by his family through his verified Instagram page, the actor had previously undergone seven surgeries, including the amputation of his leg. However, the family disclosed that the first amputation failed to fully address his health predicament, necessitating a further procedure on the same leg.


Family clarifies misconceptions

Amidst circulating misinformation, the family moved swiftly to clarify certain details surrounding Mr Ibu’s health. Contrary to rumors suggesting amputation on both legs, the family clarified that only one leg underwent the procedure. The statement aimed to dispel any misconceptions and provide accurate information about the actor’s medical condition.


The family’s statement highlighted that diabetes was not the cause of Mr Ibu’s sickness. Instead, they explained that the actor had been grappling with persistent clotting of blood in his leg, specifically diseased blood vessels, along with other health challenges that posed a significant risk to his life. The decision to undergo further amputation was a necessary measure in the pursuit of his overall well-being.


The decision not to fly abroad for treatment


Addressing speculations about seeking medical treatment abroad, the family revealed that Mr Ibu was deemed “Not fit to fly” by medical professionals. This decision underscores the severity of his health condition, preventing him from accessing treatment overseas.


The Family’s statement

Part of the family’s statement read, “We wish to correct some misconceptions making rounds on social media concerning the current state of our father’s health. First, we would like to state that our daddy wasn’t amputated on both legs but only one.” The family’s proactive approach to correcting misinformation reflects their commitment to transparency and ensuring that accurate information reaches the public.


Clarity on health challenges


Providing insight into Mr Ibu’s health challenges, the family explained that the recurring clotting of blood in his leg was a consequence of diseased blood vessels. This condition, coupled with other health issues, necessitated the difficult decision to undergo further amputation for the actor’s overall well-being. The family’s detailed explanation sheds light on the complexities of Mr Ibu’s health struggles, dispelling any unfounded rumors.

 A call for support and understanding


As Mr Ibu faces another hurdle in his health journey, the family emphasized the need for support and understanding from the public. Their statement serves as an appeal for empathy during this challenging time, urging fans and well-wishers to respect the actor’s privacy as he navigates these difficult circumstances.




The unfolding health saga of Mr Ibu paints a sobering picture of a beloved figure grappling with significant challenges. The actor’s journey, marked by surgeries and amputations, highlights the fragility of life and the unpredictable nature of health struggles. The family’s transparency in sharing details of Mr Ibu’s condition aims to provide clarity, dispel misconceptions, and solicit support from the public during this trying period. As the Nollywood community and fans rally behind Mr Ibu, the hope remains that he will find strength and solace in the collective support of those who admire and cherish him.

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