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Former Chief of Staff issues fiery warning: ‘Dare Him, See Fire’ – tensions rise as political friction escalates in Rivers State



Former Chief of Staff issues fiery warning: 'Dare Him, See Fire' - tensions rise as political friction escalates in Rivers State

In the midst of escalating political tensions in Rivers State, the former Chief of Staff, Emeka Woke, has ignited the flames with a stern warning to associates of Governor Sim Fubara, particularly targeting Boma Goodhead, a member of the House of Representatives. The warning comes in response to recent provocative statements, raising concerns about the growing lack of political decorum in the state.

Woke minced no words as he cautioned against making inflammatory remarks, emphasizing the need for restraint and responsible discourse. His words were a direct response to Goodhead’s challenge to former governor Nyesom Wike, daring him not to set foot in Rivers State. In a tweet that captured the heated exchange, Woke issued a stark warning, echoing the sentiment that provoking Wike would result in severe consequences.

Contextualizing the warning

Woke began by highlighting Goodhead’s previous allegiance to Wike, recalling a moment when she passionately supported him during the campaign. He underlined the apparent contradiction in her recent statements, questioning her sudden shift in loyalty. The former Chief of Staff then dropped a bombshell, revealing details about Goodhead’s involvement in a government contract related to the renovation of the Rivers State governor’s lodge in Abuja at Asokoro.

He asserted, “Because she has been given the contract to renovate Rivers State governor’s lodge in Abuja at Asokoro, she can now come and say, ‘I dare Wike to come to Port Harcourt.’ Let me remind her that Wike has been in Port Harcourt since Friday. If she is a woman, let her dare Wike, and she will see fire.” This revelation added a layer of complexity to the unfolding political drama, hinting at potential motives and entanglements within the political landscape.

Ethnic tensions and the call for caution

Woke expanded his warning beyond individual provocations, addressing the broader issue of statements that could fuel ethnic tensions. He cautioned against fanning the flames of ethnic war, emphasizing that no particular ethnic group has a monopoly on violence. Employing a proverb from Igbo culture, Woke warned against touching a tiger’s tail, whether it is awake or sleeping, suggesting that consequences may follow for those who provoke unnecessary conflicts.

This call for caution extends beyond the immediate political players, resonating with the broader audience and political observers. As Woke positions himself as a voice of reason, his warning underscores the fragility of the political climate in Rivers State and the potential for tensions to spiral out of control.

The unfolding political drama

The social media exchange and subsequent warning from the former Chief of Staff have intensified the drama in Rivers State’s political arena. The spotlight is now on how the involved parties will respond to this public confrontation, and the impact it may have on the already delicate political landscape. As tensions simmer, Woke’s cautionary words reverberate, reminding all stakeholders of the potential consequences of reckless rhetoric and actions in a politically charged environment.

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