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More than 110 killed in earthquake in Northwest China



More than 110 killed in earthquake in Northwest China

At least 110 people killed and many injured after an earthquake hit northwestern China.


The shallow 6.2 magnitude quake struck during the night near the border of Gansu and Qinghai provinces, sending people rushing out onto the street.


The earthquake, measured at 6.2 according to state news agency Xinhua, struck at about midnight in Gansu Province near the border with Qinghai, causing significant damage, state media reported on Tuesday.


The tremor was felt as far away as Xi’an in northern Shaanxi province, about 570km (350 miles) from the epicentre.



Gansu provincial authorities told a press conference that as of 7.50am (23:50 GMT on Monday), 105 people had been confirmed dead, and 397 injured.


More than 4,700 houses had been damaged, they added. Power and water supplies were disrupted in some villages, Xinhua said.


A further 13 died, 182 were injured and 20 were missing in the city of Haidong in neighbouring Qinghai province, state broadcaster CCTV reported.


People living close to the epicentre rushed out onto the street as they felt the earthquake. Some buildings collapsed.



Rescue work was under way with Chinese President Xi Jinping calling for “all-out efforts” in the search and relief work. Nearly 1,500 firefighters were deployed with another 1,500 on stand-by, according to state media. More than 300 officers and soldiers were also mobilised for disaster relief



Supplies including drinking water, blankets, stoves and instant noodles were also being sent to the affected area.


Footage on state television showed emergency vehicles driving along snow-lined highways, and rescue workers pictured shoulder-to-shoulder in the trucks.

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