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Rivers elders and leaders forum condemns impeachment attempt and calls for urgent action amidst rising tensions



Rivers elders and leaders forum condemns impeachment attempt and calls for urgent action amidst rising tensions

In a crucial emergency meeting convened by the Rivers State Elders and Leaders Forum, chaired by His Excellency, Chief Rufus Ada George, former Governor of Rivers State, a comprehensive review of the state’s current political landscape unfolded. The meeting, held on December 17th, addressed alarming developments, including attempts to impeach Governor Sir Siminialayi Fubara, the bombing of the Rivers State House of Assembly Chambers, and the overall escalation of violence.


The Forum revisited the outcomes of prior meetings and the follow-up actions initiated, such as letters seeking audience with key figures, including the Executive Governor of Rivers State, Sir Siminialayi Fubara, and Chief (Barrister) Nyesom Wike, the former Governor and current Honourable Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).


**Concerns and Resolutions:**


1. *Unanswered Letters:* The Forum expressed regret that neither Governor Siminialayi Fubara nor Chief (Barrister) Nyesom Wike responded to their letters seeking audience.


2. *Impeachment Attempt:* The attempt to impeach Governor Fubara within six months of taking office without transparently communicating the reasons to the public was deemed unacceptable.


3. *Condemnation of Violence:* The Forum strongly condemned all forms of violence and lawlessness in Rivers State, demanding a thorough investigation into the ongoing crisis and the prosecution of those responsible.


4. *Demolition of Assembly Chambers:* The Forum urged the Rivers State Government to expedite the reconstruction of the demolished House of Assembly Complex, emphasizing the importance of lawmakers resuming their legislative duties.


5. *Misuse of Political Power:* The Forum condemned the misuse of political power for personal gains, particularly the recent defection of twenty-seven lawmakers without consulting their constituents.


6. *Rejection of Forum Shopping:* The Forum rejected allegations of forum shopping and the purchase of legal instruments outside Rivers State to instigate crises, calling attention to a disturbing court ruling allegedly premeditated by Justice Donatus Okorowo.


7. *Judicial Caution:* The Forum appealed to the judiciary and security agencies to exercise caution in their duties to avoid exacerbating the tense situation in Rivers State.


8. *Call for Federal Intervention:* Lastly, the Forum urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to build upon his earlier intervention, recognizing the potential ripple effects of inaction not only on Rivers State but also on the Niger Delta Region and the entire Federal Government.


**Voices of Concern:**


Signatories to the communiqué included eminent figures such as His Excellency, Chief Rufus Ada George, Adm. O. P. Fingesi, HH Anabs Sara Egbe, Emeritus Prof Dagogo Fubara, HRH N. L. A. Ede Obolo II, Captain Nwankwo, Eze Tony Woherom, Mrs. Annkio Briggs, High Chief Marcus Atata (J.P.), Dr. Kio J. Tams, AsemeAlabo Prof. E. T. Bristol Alagbariya, Sen Wilson A. Ake, Dr. Silva Opusunju, and Sen Andrew Uchendu.


As Rivers State grapples with the unfolding political crisis, the Elders and Leaders Forum’s strong stance highlights the urgency for swift and comprehensive intervention to safeguard the peace and security of not just Rivers State but the nation as a whole. The Forum’s call for a united front against violence and lawlessness resonates as a crucial step towards restoring normalcy and upholding democratic principles.

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