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FRSC Osun deploys massive force of 1,225 Officers for robust christmas highway safety operation



FRSC Osun deploys massive force of 1,225 Officers for robust christmas highway safety operation

As the festive season approaches, the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Osun Command, has revealed plans to deploy a robust contingent of 1,225 officers, including special marshals and regular officers, to ensure the safety of lives on highways during Christmas celebrations.


Henry Benamaisia, the Sector Commander, made this announcement during a press briefing, emphasizing the strategic identification of 24 accident-prone routes across the state. Additionally, the command has pinpointed 25 flashpoints and eight black spots to address and mitigate potential safety hazards.


In his statement, Commander Benamaisia underscored the importance of defensive driving techniques, urging road users to embrace practices that would contribute to accident prevention. He further assured that the FRSC would intensify its sensitization campaign against dangerous driving, with a particular focus on the festive period.


As the holiday season typically witnesses an increase in vehicular movements and potential risks on the roads, the FRSC’s proactive approach aims to create a safer environment for commuters and travelers. The deployment of a substantial number of officers underscores the commitment to ensuring thorough safety compliance and preventing accidents during the Christmas festivities.


The strategic identification of accident-prone routes, flashpoints, and black spots reflects a data-driven approach to road safety, allowing the FRSC to allocate resources effectively where they are most needed. This initiative not only enhances the overall efficiency of the safety operation but also demonstrates a commitment to proactive measures in addressing potential risks.


With the call for road users to adopt defensive driving techniques, the FRSC emphasizes a shared responsibility in creating a safe road environment. Education and awareness campaigns play a crucial role in influencing driver behavior positively, and the FRSC’s commitment to ongoing sensitization efforts highlights a dedication to fostering a culture of responsible and safe driving practices.


As the holiday season unfolds, the FRSC’s heightened presence on the roads of Osun serves as a visible reminder of the importance of road safety during times of increased traffic and potential hazards. The deployment of a significant number of officers underscores the organization’s dedication to its mandate of ensuring the safety of road users, making this festive season a period marked by celebration rather than accidents on the highways.

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