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Governor Mutfwang unveils ₦314.8 billion ‘budget of new beginnings’ for 2024



Governor Mutfwang unveils ₦314.8 billion 'budget of new beginnings' for 2024

In a monumental stride towards reshaping the future of Plateau State, Governor Caleb Mutfwang has signed the state’s ambitious ₦314.8 billion budget for the year 2024 into law. The announcement, conveyed by the governor’s media aide, Gyang Bere, resonated in Jos on Wednesday, heralding a fiscal plan that dwarfs its predecessor by ₦164.9 billion, aptly named the “Budget of New Beginnings.”


The 2024 budget breakdown reveals a profound shift in focus, allocating ₦162.3 billion to recurrent expenditure and ₦152.5 billion to capital expenditure. This budgetary evolution underscores Governor Mutfwang’s commitment to transformative governance and heralds a strategic vision to position Plateau as a beacon of prosperity and excellence.


“As governor, this Appropriation Bill encapsulates our vision to transform Plateau into a citadel of glory,” declared Governor Mutfwang. “We believe Plateau deserves better than what was previously in place. We encountered a state of neglect in critical sectors, and we are determined to lay a new foundation for a sustainable, excellent, and value-adding future. This budget reflects a significant step toward the comprehensive development of the state across all sectors.”


The governor’s optimism radiated as he expressed his belief that the implementation of the budget would significantly enhance the living conditions of the people. Urging citizens to rally behind the government for continued progress, Governor Mutfwang asserted, “We are committed to pursuing development to elevate Plateau among the states in Nigeria. As we begin the budget implementation next year, Plateau will rise to greatness.”


Commissioner for Budget and Economic Planning, Chrysanthus Dawam, shed light on the budget’s journey from proposal to enactment during the ceremony. Dawam disclosed that the government initially proposed to spend ₦295.5 billion in 2024. However, the House of Assembly, recognizing the magnitude of the challenges and opportunities ahead, bolstered the budget size to ₦314.8 billion.


Breaking down the financial architecture, Dawam outlined that the budget would be fueled by Internally Generated Revenue amounting to ₦38.3 billion, Federal Government allocation contributing ₦151.4 billion, and Capital Receipts totaling ₦60.2 billion, among other revenue sources. This diversified funding approach underscores the government’s commitment to tapping into various streams to realize the ambitious goals outlined in the budget.


The “Budget of New Beginnings” not only signifies a fiscal commitment but also serves as a rallying cry for the people of Plateau to collectively embark on a transformative journey. With a renewed focus on comprehensive development, Governor Mutfwang and his administration are set to navigate the intricate landscape of governance to elevate Plateau to unprecedented heights. As the implementation phase beckons, all eyes are on the state, anticipating the tangible impacts of this audacious budget on the lives of its citizens and the overall trajectory of Plateau’s development.

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