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Minister of Women Affairs denounces horrific domestic assault in Akwa Ibom, vows justice



Minister of Women Affairs denounces horrific domestic assault in Akwa Ibom, vows justice

In a shocking incident of domestic violence, the Minister of Women Affairs, Uju Kennedy, has strongly condemned the brutal assault on a woman by her husband, Ekere Ebong, a lawyer in Akwa Ibom. The distressing episode, caught on video, has sparked public outrage, prompting swift intervention by law enforcement.


The accused, Ekere Ebong, was captured in a five-minute video mercilessly beating his wife, who was left coughing out blood during the brutal attack. The disturbing footage showed the woman, clad only in a vest and pants, tearfully pleading with her husband to cease the assault. Concerned neighbors played a crucial role in intervening promptly, confronting Ebong and urging him to end the violent abuse.


Witnesses revealed that this was not an isolated incident, disclosing that the lawyer had subjected his wife to physical abuse for a staggering four years. In a grim turn of events, the distressed woman, given a wrapper by empathetic neighbors, was callously locked out of her own home by Ebong, who heartlessly declared, “If she is a woman, let her sleep there.”


Law enforcement swiftly responded to the distressing situation, apprehending Ebong and placing him in custody. An ongoing police investigation seeks to uncover the full extent of the abuse and hold the perpetrator accountable.


The incident unfolds amid the global “16 Days Activism Against Gender-Based Violence” campaign, where women organizations, religious groups, and human rights agencies unite to raise awareness about the imperative to combat all forms of abuse against women and girls worldwide.


Expressing her outrage on social media, Minister Uju Kennedy described the incident as “the most insane and unbelievable scene of brutalization.” She emphasized the government’s commitment to eradicating such heinous acts, asserting, “This remains one of the most insane and unbelievable scenes one has seen in the brutalization of women. As I have always emphasized, this is a ‘Renewed Hope’ government, and such an act cannot be allowed in our country.”


Kennedy announced that the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs had ordered the arrest of Ekere Ebong, emphasizing that he must face the full force of the law. She stated, “Even if the woman decides she doesn’t want her husband to be sued, due to family pressure, the man must face the law as justice will have its way.”


The incident underscores the urgent need for robust measures to address and prevent domestic violence, emphasizing the collective responsibility of society and the government to protect victims and hold perpetrators accountable for their actions.

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