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Minister for Women Affairs sets the record straight: No advocacy for tax exemption, calls out Arise TV for misreporting



Minister for Women Affairs sets the record straight: No advocacy for tax exemption, calls out Arise TV for misreporting

In a swift response to what the Ministry of Women Affairs describes as false reports and misrepresentation, a rejoinder has been issued, debunking claims that the Honorable Minister for Women Affairs, Barr. Uju Kennedy-Ohanenye, advocated for women not to pay taxes in Nigeria. The statement specifically addresses a segment on the “Morning Show” of Arise TV, emphasizing the need to correct the disinformation and clarify the minister’s stance.


Challenging misinformation


The Ministry of Women Affairs expressed concern over the apparent deviation from the usual rigor and incisiveness associated with objective journalism during the Arise TV program. The rejoinder seeks to challenge the misinformation and allegations against the Honorable Minister, asserting that her statements were taken out of context.


The statement categorically states that the Minister did not advocate for women to be exempt from tax payments. It underscores her commitment as a law-abiding citizen and a major stakeholder in the Nigerian project, emphasizing that tax payment is a civic responsibility for both men and women in the country.


Contextualizing the Minister’s remarks


To provide context to the Minister’s speech, the rejoinder highlights that the Arise TV segment failed to complement the visuals with a track of the Minister’s full presentation at the program. The program, organized by the Ministry to address peace and security for women in Nigeria, aimed to shed light on initiatives empowering women.


The rejoinder clarifies that the Minister’s statements were centered around initiatives such as mechanized farming and the Pink Riders Tricycle transport scheme, designed to empower women to support their families. The Minister’s words, as quoted in the statement, were, “I am begging the Army, task force in the motor park and Police, when my women, my Pink Riders start their Keke across the nation, leave them alone, just secure them for me, just give them security.”


Pink riders transport scheme: A call for security


The rejoinder underscores the context of the Minister’s plea for security, clarifying that she had invited the Police, Vigilante, and Transport Union representatives during the strategic session in October to flag off the Pink Riders Transport Scheme. The call for security was to ensure the seamless operation of the scheme and to appeal for the women operating the tricycles to be exempted from harassment by task force operators at motor parks.


Warning against misreporting


The rejoinder sternly warns Arise TV to desist from what it terms as “incessant and malicious reportage” and cautions against making comments that may lead to confusion and chaos in the country. It emphasizes the importance of responsible journalism and urges media outlets, including Arise TV, to play a constructive role in driving the Renewed Hope Agenda of President Muhammadu Buhari, especially in restoring the hopes of Nigerian women and vulnerable children.


A call for responsible reporting


In concluding the rejoinder, the Ministry of Women Affairs expresses its reliance on the media as dependable allies and platforms to effectively drive the government’s agenda. It stresses the need for responsible reporting and calls for collaboration in disseminating accurate information that aligns with the government’s objectives.


As the Ministry stands firm in setting the record straight, this rejoinder serves as a reminder of the crucial role the media plays in shaping public perception and the responsibility that comes with accurate reporting, particularly when dealing with statements from government officials.

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